Transmog Change?

Bug Report
A piece of my transmog gear seems to have changed it's appearance in this patch.

My pants are currently transmogged to "Valorous Aegis Greaves"

Which should appear as robes:

But they're not. What the junk, man?
Mine also changed to pants, and I was NOT happy..hence the removal of my transmog (which was pretty much ruined). This was about the most unnecessary change I can think of.
So, it's intentional? That's really stupid.
It looks like the model got mixed up with
i am trying to transmog my 463 ilvl 2h sword into the hammer of naaru on my pally but its not working..

and i cant get the mog back i had on it before. something is bugged atm
I personally blame Chris Metzen and will curse his name everytime I must view these atrocious pants.
I just talked to a GM about this. Apparently it's intended. -_- Only way to get it changed back is to submit suggestions :(
I already made a thread about this

Please change them back. they were a kilt in wrath, why change it a few years later!? I hate pants. Please give the skirt back. >< If i wanted pants, i would have gone with a different look.
Bump. Mine changed too. Hate the way they look now.
It turns out it is a glitch. I put in a ticket and they said it was being fixed.

Also, has anyone else noticed that cloaks look a bit glitchy?

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