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I think some people are confusing some of the issues. I don't think many people are saying the elder charms shouldn't be acquired the "new" way, just that there was no need to take out the old way at this time. I have close to 1k lesser charms (I do all the farming dailies and a few other factions dailies if i feel up to it). I cannot use the Mogu charms this week (guild isn't running the new stuff until next week and LFR isn't open yet). While i love having an extra three to use when i do get into the new raid, it isn't necessary for me this week.

But i can still run the old LFR where the charms are used. I can get a key (only one this week from a rare mob) and run the scenario that will allow for me to collect more Elder Charms, but is easier to do with one or two charms on hand to buy extra bonus potions that make life easier.

The point is that just because the new content is out doesn't mean the old content is now completely outdated. For many it is still viable gear. The complete removal of the quest was a bit of a bad choice. Keeping it in and scaling it down (get less from a turn in, takes less lesser charms) would have been a better choice. They then could have phased it out at a later patch day after people have had a chance to get into trove (i.e. this next tuesday or the next small patch day).
Getting 90 Lesser Charms to convert into 3 probably took more time than it'll take to find 3 on the island.

But if you're working on "old" rep and dailies, etc. the lesser charms do continue to drop and you continue to accrue them. So, why not give the choice of what you want from them -- elder charms or mogu runes? Getting to 480 will take some time for a fresh 90 (or a 90 that just got to 460 LFR) so the choice makes sense to help them gear up for 470 and 480 LFR.

Or why not simply make mogu runes usable in all raids for extra rolls?
There is a new weekly solo scenario, I got 11 greater charms in one run. The new system is much friendlier for gearing up.
Drop chances of gear in 5.0 raids have been increased substantially with 5.2, so even without the coins you have a much better chance of getting loot now than you did before even with a normal roll and a coin.

The chance of getting personal loot in Raid Finder and the chance of a successful bonus roll in Raid Finder have been greatly increased for the following raids, Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, and Terrace of Endless Spring.

Also keep in mind the new 5.2 content isn't exclusive to people that have done all of the 5.0/5.1 content. It's tuned a little tougher but still someone can level to 90, jump straight to the Isle of Thunder, and start doing stuff on the island and finding Elder Charms. Even if you're still working on 5.0 raids, you should be looking to do some of the new 5.2 content.

The Elder Charms also drop fairly frequently on the isle.

Where do we find this new quest giver for the mogu charms?
Although I have gotten 2 keys to lei shens palace and looted a total of 15 elder charms already. LOL
I have found the drop rate to still be 1 in 9 or 1 in 10, across 10 separate toons across 6 weeks of LFR. Save that increase drop rate BS. and without being able to roll extra on bosses in 5.0 and 5.1 LFR's is BS. I don't want to play World of Dailies, I want to play World of Warcraft. after 7 1/2 years of playing, I have finally unsubbed this month. You, the Devs, are killing th game and driving people away. in less than six months of an expansion, and 2 MAJOR content patches, numbers are falling faster and faster. double gating gear behind rep and valor, and not moving it down to JP each tier is a HUGE mistake. You force everyone to tirelessly run the old LFR's and if you get a drop, it is normally one you do NOT need, and the rest will be bags of gold, come back next week. I have seen guildmates and friends leave this game in droves this expansion. And it is not because of lack of time to play, but that the fun of playing has been replaced by do it solo on your daily for anything.

It's going to stay this way, sorry if it caught you off guard. You'll be using your Lesser Charms to buy Mogu Runes which give bonus rolls on 5.2 content.

I just hit ilevel 480, & still don't feel fully ready to do the ToT raids. It will be at least another week, I'm guessing, before I do. So I've got 10 Mogu Charms which won't do me much good until then, which means I can't turn in the Lesser Charms quest until I start burning through the Mogus I have.

I don't understand why players aren't given a choice when turning that quest in, whether to get Elder or Mogu charms.

As for getting them on the island, they don't drop anywhere near as often as you seem to think; I've only ever found them in the chests, & those chests don't spawn all that often. You can get them in the Treasure Room, but keys to that aren't that common either.
They drop from Rare Elite mobs.
They come from Bounty rewards from the final Daily of each day.
They come from TONS of sources in the Troves of the Thunder King scenario.
They come from the chests around the island (Trove of the Thunder King object - not scenario).
They come from the three summonable Undead guys.

I barely do any dailies, and I usually get about 10 to 15 elder charms a week.

I use them for the treasure trove scenario!
04/15/2013 05:07 PMPosted by Yesiamevil
I have found the drop rate to still be 1 in 9 or 1 in 10, across 10 separate toons across 6 weeks of LFR. Save that increase drop rate BS. and without being able to roll extra on bosses in 5.0 and 5.1 LFR's is BS.

You got 5 lfr drops in one week on that character alone...
A good example of why we prefer new threads to posting on older ones! Information and mechanics do indeed change.

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