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03/05/2013 05:59 PMPosted by Bashiok
It's going to stay this way, sorry if it caught you off guard. You'll be using your Lesser Charms to buy Mogu Runes which give bonus rolls on 5.2 content.

good lord
I received 10 mogus doing dailies today. Typical drop rate? Maybe not. But a heck of a lot easier to get than the old method.
Hypothetical Blizzard announcement tomorrow:

Great news everyone! Due to forum feedback, we have decided to restore the quest for turning in 90 Lesser Charms for 3 Elder Charms. Go forth and enjoy your loot!

Within an hour, you'll end up with this thread on the forums:

GG Blizz, you screwed us over again! Now we have to farm up 180 charms every day just to stay competitive! Why do you FORCE us to do all this stuff? Why can't I play the way I want to play?

The natural Blizzard response the following day:

Great news everyone! Due to forum feedback, we have altered the Lesser Charms turn-in quest! There is only one quest now, but you can choose Elder Charms OR Mogu Runes! You only need to spend 90 Lesser Charms per week! Enjoy!

You probably know what the forum response would be:

What is WRONG with you guys at Bli$$ard? Now I can't get Elder Charms AND Mogu Runes! I only get ONE of them!!!1 I need both to gear up for your stupid raids! That's it, I'm canceling my 15 accounts TOMORROW cuz you won't let me play the way I want!

The point to this? It's this: Very few decisions that Blizzard makes are going to appeal to everyone. Actually, the number is likely zero. No matter what they do, someone is going to be upset. So they strive for the best balance possible. Something that will appeal to the majority of people and/or be the best design. Hopefully those are the same.

Ultimately, I'm sorry for anyone that is negatively impacted by this design, but it's overall fairly good. I personally support it. It's not likely to change, but I certainly wish you the best in your gaming.

I...I think I love you...but honestly this is exactly how I feel, these forums are just a whiners sounding board for their discontent. Blizz will never be able to please everyone and sadly people like Bash will have to sit here and read page after page of misguided entitlement.
FINALLY got my Fang Kung, Spark of Titans today but I had to use 1 of 2 Elder Charms I had remaining to get it. It didn't just drop =/
03/05/2013 05:02 PMPosted by Mystraele
The Elder Charms apparently drop from mobs on the Isle of Thunder. I'm not so thrilled really, as I didn't want to rush right out there when everyone else was rushing right out there, but there's no other way to get Elder Charms now. I only raid in LFR, so I still have what, three weeks of raiding in the current LFR raids, but no dependable way to obtain Elder Charms to use in the raids I can access. This seems like it wasn't well thought out by the devs.

Did my dailies today and got a key to the palace(epic drop)
- got 17 elder charms....would have to say i prefer this method, now i can use it whenever i want. not just 3 times.
I am so confused. Can someone give me the TLDR why we are supposed to be mad.

I believe you all that we should cancel our subscriptions in protest. But, I am still confused what we are mad about.

They made Elder Charms easier to obtain, allowed you to carry up to 20 at a time now and raised the drop rates in 5.0 LFR instances. We are so angry about this.
Elder Charms are super, super easy.
How about that Increased Drop Rate and bonus chance at items? I think I must be the fluke account because I did LFR on 5 different characters, 2 of which can only do MSV and 3 of which can do all 5 LFRs, and I got 60 loot bags, full of gold. My DK main i can understand, and im not too upset, but I used my last 2 Elder Charms and got Gold and Gold. Its frustrating reading the Patch notes and going in expecting an item or 2 only to get Gold.

I know during Vanilla I was begging for ways to make gold but that was to buy my epic mount, I dont NEED it anymore! ; - ;
I got 5 charms from my first day of dailies. Far easier than getting 90 lesser for 3 greater.
03/05/2013 05:47 PMPosted by Bashiok
and with the other hand, make it much harder to obtain Elder Charms for those raids?

Considering you can almost literally find them just laying around in chests on the island, I wouldn't say it's necessarily harder to obtain them. Getting 90 Lesser Charms to convert into 3 probably took more time than it'll take to find 3 on the island.

I didn't see any when I quested on the island.
I got 5 charms from my first day of dailies. Far easier than getting 90 lesser for 3 greater.

What were the sources?

I got one from the final goodie bag, but that was all.

It's been more than doubled in some cases. We have to throw in free mounts too? Well... ok, the satchels you get off of bosses when you don't win an item now also have the chance to drop mounts and pets, among other things.
I suppose there is not cross check, whether one has the mount/pet already, am I right?

I've ran Terrace yesterday on my main, since I still need some updates for off spec. I got one Elder charm at the end. I used 2 in the process of the raid. Haven't won anything with them. But I won a total of 2 items out of 4 bosses. One was an upgrade, the other one I sharded.
Two out of 6 ain't that bad. Friends and guild mates reported similar success.
I never expected this to turn into a 5 page thread but what I gather is this: The people who are reporting getting 10-15 charms today obviously found the Key that allows you to run the treasure scenario once a week. I get that, and that's great. I killed mobs on the island all day and didn't see the first sign of one, and still have no idea if they drop off random mobs, or only rares, but whatever, I'm sure I'll see one eventually. And alot of people are reporting getting them in the loot bag at the end, which is also nice. There is no middle ground here. People are either getting more than they can use in a month, or none at all, and it's all tied to the Key. So does anyone know if the key is a random drop off any mob, or is it tied to the rare elites and chests (because whether or not you can loot a rare is a complete crapshoot from my experience, and I saw one chest all day)??
elder charms are also currency at the sunreaver vendor for temporary benefits while running that solo scenario. you really can't get enough of them for that once you get more rep.

and if you are already complaining about it being done via dailys on day 1, why are you playing a mmo? when i was walking up hill in the sand BOTH ways to unlock AQ, i don't remember Blizz literally throwing 5 valor and some gold at me for repeatable quests
Another thing to keep in mind is that once per week you can use a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen to get Elder Charms of Good Fortune VERY easily.

In my first blind run, I got -14- Elder Charms of Good Fortune from a single Key to the Palace of Lei Shen.

And where do you get the keys... I ran around all over looking for some sort of chest... like for hours and found nothing, zip, nada, zilch. Very discouraging!

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