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So, did all the dailies on the island again this morning (to beat the rush of other players hopefully) and got NOT ONE Charm, nor did I get a key. I understand RNG, believe me I do, which is why the system as it is now is completely unacceptable. You can't say it's "absurdly" easy to get Charms, as it's clearly not for everyone even when doing the activities that they are supposed to be doing.

ETA: My husband also did the new dailies last night, and got zero charms and no key. 0 for 3 on Charms/Keys here in this house.
Buffed drop rates in 5.0 LFR's you say? Saw this in the patch notes and got excited. I then enjoyed killing 7 LFR bosses and getting 7 satchels. W00t.

0 Elder charms on the Isle (to be expected though, lots of people). Would've thought maybe 1 or 2 successful drops in LFR after doing 7 bosses. Guess we'll see what the other 9 give me. Satchel hero here I come?
03/06/2013 07:08 AMPosted by Xanzül

The keys drop off of, basically, any mob on the island. I got one off a troll on my 3rd kill (for the 12/12 troll quest).

I also found a chest (they look just like the Golden Lotus ones).

You people have to realize something - today was the FIRST DAMN DAY OF THE PATCH and you act like you should have everything NOW!

Bunch of spolied rotten malcontents, that is all you are. Especially Bombdanil. All you ever do is whine, whine, whine. You have to seriously be the single most annoying, narrow minded, obnoxious little troll I have ever seen. I wish I could really tell you off in the language that you deserve, but you are not worth the perma ban I would get. I will say this - the forums, and the gaming community in general, would be much better off if you just un-subbed.

He is rather well known for hopping on every single whine of the day complaint and taking the most mindless contrary position possible.

Pot, meet kettle.

Looting a rare is in no way a crapshoot, especially now that they have changed the tag model.

What do you mean by this? I killed a couple of the elite mobs, sometimes helping another toon when I did not have it tagged and once killing it when I definitely had it tagged.

Both times, the sparkles appeared but by the time I got there, there was nothing to loot.

So ya - great for melee classes but really sucks for ranged...

I also got 0 elder charms yesterday so I am doubting the "windfall" argument. Besides the toon I need elder charms for is my pally alt who just got over 480 yesterday with the new neck but she still has a blue weapon. It seems odd that they've put the drops for "improving your gear level" on the harder tuned content. I wouldn't want to head to isle on a fresh 90 in sub 440 gear - not with the crazy respawn rate and the 5 minutes of fighting whenever you get in combat and have 5 or 6 adds joining periodically.
03/06/2013 07:21 AMPosted by Kaitayn
I got a key when I was on the island doing quests that let me go into a solo instance. When I did the solo instance thing, I got a ton of elder charms from chests in there. I got a total of 7 elder charms in one day just from doing the Isle quests, including the timed solo instance thing. It's possible to be unlucky, but if the average that we used to get is 3 per week. I'm not sure we need to worry too much about elder charm rates, since that would mean getting 1 key a week almost guarantees you to get enough elder charms.

Great for those who get theirs on Tue...not so much for those who don't.

To me...this is the same arguement that folks made pre-patch about LFR drops. Some got lucky...some didnt. Now...some get lucky...some don't...with coins...so they can go to LFR to try their luck.
There's enough RNG with the loot drop.

They should just make it so...if you're at a point where you want Elders...you can cash in for them. If you're at a point where want Mogu...you can cash in for those instead.

Well, if you run your LFRs on Tuesday this week and didn't have coins, you should in theory have tons of coins for next week's LFR runs by next Tuesday, since the coins you pick up from the new daily quest hub don't disappear at the end of a week. The start of a patch always has a frenzy to it that evens out over time. If I did no more dailies, and ran this week's LFR while spending the 3 coins I would have earned, I'd still have enough coins saved up to run next week's LFRs.

If they instead went with the approach of making you farm a new type of coin, it still would have taken a few days worth of daily quests to earn enough to get your elder charms, so in this case, the new system for getting elder charms is actually quite fair compared to alternatives. You'll still be able to start running your LFRs on Tuesday by next week and you have access to way more elder charms than the old system gave you access to. You can just spend the full 5 minutes in the solo instance trying to gain as many elder charms as you can fit in your bags. :)

I do agree with the person who posted that the lesser coins are now more accessible to the characters who have absolutely no use for them. My mage needs a total of zero LFR pieces but has seven coins from yesterday's daily quest hub. The daily quest hub, however, would be much more difficult for my non-raiding druid character that is still in blues and greens (so, my druid has zero coins by comparison because I skipped the daily quests on my non-raiding character yesterday). So, that part of accessibility to the right people is something I can agree is potentially problematic - but it shouldn't be that difficult to get an average of 3 elder charms a week from that daily quest hub even if you don't do the daily quest hub every day.
I got 7 last night in a couple hours. What is with all the crying?
03/05/2013 10:50 PMPosted by Xanzül
When people started griping about Spirits of Harmony you never got any

The majority of that thread reported similar results on the acquisition rate of SoH, with only one or two claiming "I don't know what you're complaining about, I managed to get 300 motes in 15 minutes of farming" so trying to paint me as being the only one who had issues with a world drop being critical for crafting is mildly dishonest.

03/05/2013 10:50 PMPosted by Xanzül
now all of a sudden I'm sure you are going to magically never get any elder charms either

I'm sure I'll get one or two over the course of the month. The thing that those who have good RNG luck don't understand about distribution patterns, regardless of shape, is that for everyone who has an "I won Ashes of Alar my first time" or "I picked up 16 coins in one day" story, you've probably got dozens of stories where they've run for the mount since it was available in BC without luck or people who never successfully get the world drops to actually drop for them. Dismissing their experience (which is more the norm) just because you had one day of good luck doesn't make their experience any less correct.

I'm stating actual facts whereas Bom tends to state whatever fits his current agenda even if that means flat out lying.

You state opinions as well. The main difference between yours and mine is that I don't declare myself correct "because shut up, that's why", and I don't insult people for only disagreeing with me on a particular issue.
03/06/2013 07:33 AMPosted by Lissanna
You'll still be able to start running your LFRs on Tuesday by next week and you have access to way more elder charms than the old system gave you access to.

If you're lucky.

Not everyone is lucky.
For the people hunting more for gear and/or wanting coins to help gear....

1. You can buy the 522 necklace on the island for 1250vp - no rep required.

2. All the honor gear now is 476, so convert some jp to honor or do a few bgs, to easily replace low green/blue gear. Easy way to boost into the higher lfr's.

3. Elder charms come from random gold mogu chests on the island, also a chance from the final turn in quest for your faction for the last daily - sunreaver chest for horde for example. Also charms from chests on the solo treasure scenario.

4. All the rare mobs on the island can be tagged by everyone, hit it once and you have a chance for loot. It is possible to get no loot from them. But 'ranged' does not miss out because they werent the ones to click on the body. Not sure if they can provide charms, but you can get 15vp valor books to use, the ritual summon stones, the key to the treasure sceanrio place and more.

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