<Toasty> 4/12 ToT - Sun/Mon - 1 DPS or Healer

Area 52
We finished 5.1 content at 16/16 normal and 4/6 MSV Heroic while raiding ONE day a week (Monday) from 7-12 EST and pugging a couple random players each week. After a couple of Monday raids we are 4/12 ToT 6th head on Megaera.

We are adding Sunday to our raid days, and will be raiding 8:00 - 12:00 EST.

Looking for one solid DPS and one HEALER for core positions. Our current raid comp is very balanced so we will accept an exceptional player of any class, though we would prefer a Ranged DPS and a Priest/Shaman Healer.

We would prefer players with similar progression experience, however an exceptional player with fewer bosses killed in ToT will be acceptable.

Our raids are very efficient with little to no downtime. Anyone interested should talk to "Tibzz" or "Kahton" in game for a trial.
Still looking for one core dps. A ToT raid spot is open for a trial run on Monday at 7.
Still looking
Still looking
Still looking
Still looking
Would there be any interest in a 493 retribution paladin? I am in the market for a progression guild.
I would be interested in a Ret. Message Kahton or I in game and we can discuss the spot.
Needing a dk?
I would be potentially interested in a DK, message me or Kahton in game.
Would u perhaps be interested in a Fury Warrior HMU in game if you would be interested
Talk to me in-game. Still looking for one more, raid slot is still open for Monday.
Still need a solid dps for our Monday raid, PST
Still need a solid dps for our Monday raid, PST
Looking for one solid core DPS. Jin'rokh & Horridon down!
AMG, those are the 2 days I play wow due to work/school schedule. If you are still raiding on those days by the time my char is 90 i'll app, after getting some gear ofc.
still looking
Still looking
Still looking!

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