NPC "Health Scaling" more harm than good?

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I've had my first encounter with the new NPC health scaling system I don't believe it is working as intended. My server has a heavy population imbalance favouring Horde. It was not a rare mob in question but the summoned Sparkmaster Vu. In between all of their attempts to kill Sparkmaster Vu in the new dailies, I managed to sneak my character in, use my Invocation and get a tag of my own.

The surrounding Horde characters promptly stepped out of range of the special Storm breath and proceeded to do single ranged attacks forcing his health up. Instead of killing an enemy of 3k health, I was forced to fight one with 14k health. By myself. As they laughed and "spammed "kek." Every time his health would drop they would do another single attack, shooting the health back up.

The system seems like there are situations ripe for griefing as it stands. The opposing faction stood nothing to gain from this particular enemy once I had tagged it. Allowing them to boost its health and do nothing seems ridiculous. There does appear to be a timer built in that drops the health after a certain time of inactivity from other players unless I'm misunderstanding the mechanic. Perhaps that time needs to be drastically lowered so that people would need to actually contribute some form of damage to keep their stake?
This is a concern they are aware of (GC himself mentioned it in one of their live stream interviews recently), but for the time being, don't expect much change unless it literally gets out of hand. As in practically every occasion is met with griefing.

Otherwise, I do suspect that changes are in the works as is, but it probably won't happen for a while.

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