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Hi folks,

I would like to know which spec has the highest PVE DPS currently in patch 5.1 and which will probably be better in 5.2.

I looked at NOXXIC and RAIDBOT, but the results are contradictory ...
In noxxic, using a theoretical calculation, SUB and ASSASSINATION are the worst pve specs in game, losing only to warrior arms.

In RAIDBOT, ASSASSINATION is the 3rd best, losing only to Mage Arcance and Lock Affli, which will both be nerf in the next patch. Sub, has virtually no statistical significance in RAIDBOT.

ICYVEINS just says that COMBAT is worse than SUB and ASSASSINATION.

What is your opinion? If possible, justify and cite sources.

thank you




They are all very close, you are seeing the inaccuracies of simulations and the biases of parses. Choose the spec you like the best and/or play the best. Assassination is the easiest, but combat isn't too difficult and you get to cleave, but subtlety has a nice playstyle. Find your preference and get good at it. The differences, outside of specific fight mechanics, are quite minor.
Right now Assassination is on top. With better gearing combat will be on top. With BEST gearing sub will be on top.

As for fun I like combat a lot. It almost always has very competitive dps and blade flurry gives it a nice sense of versatility.

Assassination is the easiest I guess but that makes it really boring for me. With combat I like having to time my cooldowns to properly optimize deep insight usage. I like having cooldowns that actually do something. With assassination you have vendetta and shadow blades. Those aren't fun cooldowns imo.

Sub is fun but I feel like it is just a tad too complicated. I think it would feel the most rewarding if you pull it off perfectly but I feel like raid encounters aren't forgiving enough for sub to be optimal.
all of the sources you listed are not reliable. Noxxic is a "beginners" sort of place. Its good for people's alts or casuals, but not raiders. Icy Veins is extremely outdated (it says last updated: september." Raidbot doesn't reflect Sub too well because not many people play(ed) the spec during T14 content, due to it not having a niche (combat has cleave and mut has an execute), plus its one of the more difficult specs to manage in-game (and the positional requirement).

As Aeriwen stated... pick a spec you like and excel at it. Combat's cleave niche is gone for 5.2, but its single-target damage was upped. Combat/mut will be side by side roughly, but Sub is undetermined, mainly because of how hard it is to properly Sim. However; Blizz stated Sub (as well as enhance and dps monks I believe) will be the highest dps builds once BiS (thinking heroic 5.2 gear). This could be true from a patchwerk-style fight, but will ultimately come down to how Sub-friendly each encounter will be in 5.2.

I personally am going Sub main spec... because I enjoy it the most and I like the challenge it brings. I'll also use Mut for any encounters where Sub might be rubbish (perhaps a fight that prevents you from getting behind the boss?).

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