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Death Knight
With Unholy DKs being the silent OP class of 5.2, and not having to FC anymore, I've been delving into UH abit more even though im not a fan of melee kiting. I've heard so much about UHDKs and their ridiculous stacks of Necrotics, but as far (or short it seems) I am into UH it doesnt seem any different than frost. As mainly a frost player I've only seen Necrotics to be better than deathstrikes for survivability very rarely, and thusly only use them for the spell casting debuff. I feel like I am missing something huge here because even in the right situation I dont see necrotic as being close to OP at all. hardly a nuisance even. Dks dont have too much cc (speaking mainly as frost) so we have to implement what we have well and I feel like this could help me out loads. thanks
Necrotic strike isn't used for survivability, really. Sure, the absorb is awesome to help keep you up, but it's mainly used for pressure against a healer/dps.
What your supposed to do is use blood tap and get a bunch of death runes and then nectrotic strike the healer until you run out of death runes then you can also use empower rune weapon if you want.
Necrotic hits about as hard as Scourge Strike and applies a hefty healing absorb. It's undoubtedly better.

I just went to hit a dummy just to give you some numbers. SS hit for an average of about 22k with the shadow portion dealing an average of 15k, averaging out to about 37k per strike. Necrotic strike was averaging 28k and in addition to roughly 33-35k absorption per strike. These numbers will be different in pvp, but it should give a general idea of how strong necrotic strike is.
Isn't the absorb increased directly by Dreadblade Mastery?
Strength increases the absorb iirc. Why UH Necrotic strikes are more powerful most of the time over frosts, due to the passive increase in strength, rather than frosts Pillar strength cooldown.

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