[A]Vicious Cycle GMT+8 Going 25 5/16 HM LFM

<Vicious Cycle> is a guild based in Frostmourne, we have done 4/6 HM MV, 1/6 HM HoF 4/4 ToES so far with a slugish start to raiding this xpac. We formed on the 25th of September 2011, and have from then so far downed 6/7HM FL b4 DS came out, and downed 8/8HM DS in June thanks to D3 and various roster issues. At the present we are looking to go 25 man, as such we have already merged with another guild to bolster our ranks, and need some more excellent raiders to fill our ranks and progress as 25 man.

Skilled raiders of Any class, but our priorities are as follows:
DPS Warrior - Medium
Prot Warrior - Closed

Death Knights
Frost Dk's - Medium
Blood DK - Low

Holy Paladins - High
Ret Paladin - Medium
Prot Paladin - Low

Resto Shaman - Low
Ele Shaman - Medium
Enhance Shaman - Low

Hunter - HIGH

Warlock - Medium

Mage - High

Spriest - High
Holy/Disc - LOW

Mistweaver - Medium
Windwalker - High

Rogue - Medium

Our raiding times are as follows, keep in mind we RARELY raid on Sunday that is basically if we are close to a new heroic kill and need to get it down we go Monday, otherwise we raid only Weds/Thurs/ Monday from 12:30 am svt to 3:30am Frostmourne svt time (AEST).

We dont have a website up and runnign at the moment, as soon as it is we will put it up, till then you can get in touch with us on real ID

Tundra - Roosh#1938
Bloodrusher - baz#6735
Michaelfox - cbrown#1806
Holyally- Holyally#6881
Dendruid - Den#1622

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