Hair on website disappeared

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Wtb hair. :( :(
My bald head still cries out for its hair. =(
04/06/2013 11:33 AMPosted by Palvarosa
This is a bit embarrassing. D:

How did you get the weird elf overlay on your bald forum avatar? When I mouse over it, a small image of your avatar appears.

Cogshanks add-on.

it's what my character is supposed to look like in my stories (she's only half-orc.)

Also, still kinda bleh on my "hairdo" here.
Just transferred to horde, and found out my hair is missing! ahhhhh lol
I appreciate all the bumps.

I wish I had hair again. I miss my dark blue triple mohawk.
Please sir may I have some hair? :p
My hair is missing ever since I purchased a name change a few days ago. Please fix it!
Just wanted to post that somehow my hair has been restored. I just changed the colour today so maybe that was it? It didn't work before but now I have hair again yayy
I just created this character a couple days ago and even visited the barber shop to change the cut and colour yesterday.. and yet my hair is missing!
I want meh hair! D:

Changing hair color did not seem to work for me, sadly.
Not only did they take my hair.... I had a nice cool mohawk... BUT! They changed my beard! This is unacceptable! Rawr rawr rawr. lol.

Honestly though, where'd all the hair go? I believe its not a rendering issue, but that somehow all our character's hair has been transferred to some alternative universe. Some new universe with Guilds and Wars.. Possibly 2 of them?
can we get an update on this its been almost 2 months since we got a "were aware of it"
2 months, no update.
I gave up on this. It was so very briefly fixed for what, a few days in late March? Looks like heck and I would appreciate some attention and a permanent fix. Gotta just be a line of code. Probably a pain to find, but easy to fix. Many trolls be grateful Mon! Puleese?!
Can I have my mohawk back? Pretty please?
@ BLUE!!

Why is this not in the list of known issues if you know about it? Please provide an update.
Please advise when this will be fixed.
Please advise when this will be fixed.

I'm betting when the next expansion comes out. It'll be declared a feature that orcs and trolls will have hair on the website! :P

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