(A) Reborn LFM dps and healers for 25m

We are currently 16/16 and 4/16 heroic with our current groups. Currently we are running 2 -10man groups but are looking to do 25m when 5.2 hits.

Ret pally
Dps Deathknight
fury warrior
ele shaman
disc priest
holy priest
affliction lock

this list would complete our 25m and these are core spots. we do require that you have done 16/16 and also are 485+ Ilvl. We also and always looking for exceptional dps if your class didnt make the list.

PM or in-game mail Myself Kiwee or Alexander for more info or if you wish to apply.

Currently 3/13 in ToT!
3/13 and we spend ~2 hours a week clearing ToES/HoF to try to gear people to eventually get to 25mans.
What nights and times do you raid?
Tues/Weds 7:30-11
Was wondering if you could update what classes you are still looking for in your raids. Have a group of friends looking to transfer our mains.

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