E.R. Throne of Thunder Progression Thread

Earthen Ring
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I thought 2nd gate sucked, then there was the 3rd gate.
Fate has shut the 3rd gate on Horridon omg adds all over going in thurs to kill it
AG killed that first boss guy
Dark Legend took out Jin last night and scored the meta.
horridon down
horridon down

the trash is worse than the boss :(

Horridon Trash worst trash of the year. All years.
I liked it.
Horridon is dead :-)
Angels of Chaos downed Jin'rokh!!
Keep those kills coming everyone.

Ugh, got to Horridon 4th door tonight but too many people dead by that point. Looks like the average ilvl of groups downing him on 10m is 500.
Angels of Chaos downed Horridon!!!
Street Knights killed Horridon :-)
Angels of Chaos downed Council of Elders!!!
Angels of Chaos killed Tortos!
Nemesis (A-10) [JB]
The list and spreadsheet have been updated!

Please request Sticky at the top if you haven't yet. :)
dumb council fight down
jin rohk, and horridon down
Tortos + One-Up

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