E.R. Throne of Thunder Progression Thread

Earthen Ring
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Dark Animus also dead!
Updated through this post.
Torots down
(25 Man) Council Blood Fist
Killed horridon finally -.-.....
Horridon is dead
Got all of those added.
council dead in like 7 attempts gg
Horridon 25N down!
Yay the heads r all dead :-) all 7 of them
Council 25N down!
Bye Bye Birdie Ji-Kun is down :-)
Nice kills everyone!

Got you all updated through this post.

*Watch out, Icha Icha is back to killing things! :-)
The Remnants killed Tortos and Meagrea, or however the hell you spell the hydrafacething.
Iron Qon down!
Drawing is tuff. Twin Consorts down!
I hope these kills are being verified because some people, not naming anyone, don't have these kills on their armories.
i stand corrected
Consider them verified. Cheating in WoW would be sinful. I agree it's fishy that players who have downed those bosses on their main server could certainly not come to ER and do it again! Fishy fishy fishy
Definitely looks like something funky is going on. According to guildox, angels of chaos killed dark animus 41 minutes after killing primordius, and recently killed the twins 38 minutes after killing Iron Qon without any logs. In comparison, it took Paragon 39 minutes to down the twins after Iron Qon.

That... literally doesn't mean anything. Nice try, Sherlock.

Their kills are there, you can look at Ktang's armory and see it all. Armory doesn't update right away, it usually takes a while.

Take off the tin foil hats, kiddies.

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