E.R. Throne of Thunder Progression Thread

Earthen Ring
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I was watching them streaming and saw them exploiting after a two wipes to secure a win for the Earthen Ring server first 10m normal mode hardcore progression race... Oh my!

Ok, clearly that was sarcasm, but I highly doubt anyone would resort to shenanigans of that sort and risk bans for something so trivial, as those 2 bosses (Dark Animus and Iron Qon) are some of the easiest in the instance with a working strategy. Dark Animus just needs a raid leader that can explain positioning. Twin Consorts just needs an artist reliable in tracing constellations and timing the buffs at the appropriate times.

That said, strategies are easily available at this point in either video format or written guides, as well as potentially consulting other players from other servers that have killed the bosses 2-3 times on the Live servers since the release of Patch 5.2 three weeks ago.

Of additional note, there are only 2 trash pulls before Dark Animus, and just 1 pull before Twin Consorts after killing the previous bosses.
Hai Gurio. You and your level 1s
Durumu down
Uh, Primordius down.
Dark Animus's trash sucks.

Just wanted to toss that out there.

Also it's a pretty cool fight!
Ascent (A10) dropped Jin tonight
10m normal mode hardcore progression race is over.

Congrats to Angels of Chaos on the 10m Normal clear of ToT!
gratz AoC :-)
Tortos dead
With meta
Galadeon, can you please add our guild website to the google spreadsheet. It's Catchphrase.enjin.com, thank you :)
Jin down to Insurgence.
mag down
birdie down
3 new bosses in 2 days gg

(see what happens when we are just a little undergeared compared to like lawl geared)
dark animus is dead and woot to dc's and not being able to continue raiding....
H-Jin'rohk has been broken. How Shocking.
Durumu down.

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