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been out of the game for almost 2 years and want to be a reliable tank, my biggest problem is I wasn't around for any of cata, and was just finishing some of the final stages of lich before i stopped playing...advice here would be great...and also a good lvling area would be nice to know so i can atleast start to do 85-90 dungeons once i get to that point
Start with the Prot sticky atop the main Paladin page. Come back when you have questions.
I'm updating more with the guide as we go on. But to answer your question... you have a lot to ingest if you're from Wrath. I'll try to cram it for you so you understand a little bit.

- Focus 80-90 on just getting enough gear to do LFD if you want or just questing. Tanks are almost instant queue, so don't be afraid to take advantage of it if you do get bored with quests.
- Judgment now builds Holy Power.
- Grand Crusader is 12% off Crusader Strike, Hammer of the Righteous, Dodge, or Parry.
- Shield of the Righteous is part of our mitigation and is off the GCD. It still costs 3 Holy Power to cast and gives a buff that reduces physical damage by a certain amount. Mastery increases the amount reduced.
- Each successful SotR will also proc Bastion of Glory, which will increase your WoG heal. Mastery also goes along with it.
- Block is separate from the combat table and has diminishing returns.
- Talent trees are much different from Lich and Cata into MoP - just read the guide on advice for that.
- We get Sanctity of Battle now, which means our Crusader Strike and other attacks' cooldowns are affected by Haste.
- Stick to Seal of Insight. Glyph of Battle Healer is also awesome.
- Hammer of the Righteous applies Weakened Blows and is a lot weaker in comparison. Use it only to refresh Weakened Blows every 30 seconds and when you have 4 or more targets. Stick with Crusader Strike and Judgment otherwise for Holy Power generating.

Once you're level 90 worry about the stat weights and everything. For now, just get what you can get away with and get by (obviously not Spirit and Intellect gear)

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