<Dust> 10 man Recruiting

Dust is a guild that was originally formed by a group of real life friends to partake in some competitive raiding. At the beginning of MoP we managed to ranked around 20th-30th on the server. However, during our early progression many of our key members and real-life friends became discouraged due to real life commitments. This eventually lead to the end of our raids, thus far but several of our members have returned and intend to start up another group. This group will most likely be more casual than our last group, however, we will still raid 3 nights a week.

Do not be discouraged by your item level as ours are all fairly outdated (~490 range) we are more interested in your knowledge of the game and your attitude.

This is a newly forming raid group, we are in need of everything at the moment for 5.2 progression. Feel free to add my real ID for more information Zeph#1685.

EDIT: We are now looking for a hunter or boomkin
Bump. Still need 1 healer and 2 tanks.

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