Botters, Multi-boxers or a waste of time?

I have no idea. I just noted that it does, and in fact, it does. If you know why, go ahead and say so; it might be amusing.

It's not exactly breaking news that he makes demands and uses 0queue as leverage. He very frequently spams broadcasts to garner support on the forums, as well as the rants he goes off on in vent.

Just look at all of the spam created by players that don't even multibox in an uproar about the change to /follow in battlegrounds. That would be one of the more recent examples.

It sounds like a cult because it is a cult.
He's saying that despite all of Timy's spiteful threats - the only legal recourse he'd be likely to receive would be to stop a person from working with his source, and even that is suspect.

This is your opinion and clearly Pinata mustve meant this, but who cares? Really, licence agreements and legal threats and all that crap, we were talking about something else.

If you want to assassinate Tiny's character, fine, I dont care, he's a big boy and can look after himself.

But when he has talked to me about issues ingame, he has always made more sense to me than stupid ghostcrawler, I know that much.

Would I sell my house and move to Tiny's temple in california and become a cultist?

Lol, No darling.
childish selfishness

Yeah well, the bulk of idiots like you on the forum fit this description. I have no problem with that tbh.
Then why did you bring him up, and twist the conversation to him?

You were the ones who attacked Tiny's credibility and went off on that tangent talking about him.

I did mention him, only in so far as programming skill, a point I have made a couple of times.

The issue at hand, really is this: is removing /follow a sign that the Blizz devs know what theyre doing? I think its just vintage Blizz: too little, too late, and who cares? Even if it meant the death of multiboxing; which is unclear/unlikely (depending on who you believe) who cares?

The fact remains, when it comes to bg's, Blizz supposedly tries its little heart out, one day they might even win the bot war. I cant say, but its been going on a long, long, long time.
03/10/2013 10:02 AMPosted by Lieshtmeiser
You were the ones who attacked Tiny's credibility and went off on that tangent talking about him.

You made a statement concerning Timy's ability, and Piñata contested your opinion while backing up his point of view.

That sounds on-topic to me, at least in context of your post. If you don't want to open yourself up to that discussion then you shouldn't be posting about it at all. You're the one that derailed this conversation and brought up Timy, you're the one trying to correct grammar.
03/10/2013 10:09 AMPosted by Piñata
While I certainly do afk, and support that activity in some cases,

Be careful with this, lol.
while backing up his point of view.

With a reference to a post that I've never seen or read and which was deleted. That's hardcore evidence right there.
03/10/2013 10:26 AMPosted by Piñata
When facing a premade and the game is clearly lost regardless of effort, I support going afk.

Yeah, we all do this. I'm just so glad you clarified what you said. Because it sounded like you supported the illegal version, of using a bot to afk for you.

But then, you care about the wow community too much to bot, you mentioned that in a previous post and I believe you.
Blizzard has made a post about this and they snuck it in to catch bots that use /follow first.

They also support it removing multi-boxers, as they said it left a negative effect on the community.

This quote is the shortest one I have seen that sums up the entire issue.

I've personally never heard of anyone unsubscribing because they have lost to a multiboxer. With well over 1500 BGs played in the past few years I can count on my fingers how many times I've faced or been grouped with a MB.

Typing /played in Azeroth will yield the full amount of time played actually in-game. I have years actually in Azeroth, starting when the level cap was at 60. Most of the time was in the Bloodlust Battlegroup, and I almost never see MBoxers.


Look here, this is Business.

Multi-boxers are trying to explain why it is bad for business, and why the issue has become polluted.

Also this other quote is part of a recent post from Arena Forums entitled "Blind Pvper Achieves Gladiator---Multiboxer"

The justification for banning (unofficially) multi-boxing is that it annoys many others who experience a boxer in 1/100 of their battles. That same toon who screams like they just got Critted --- saying that the boxer made them lose is the same one that says "you all suck" during the 99 / 100 of the times when they had a bad experience without a multi-boxer.

Maybe the rest of the team was bad or not, the point is that the multi-boxer is just the only identifiable focus of the collective "nerd-rage". We are the collective outlet for your rage.

A warlock who puts just a corruption dot on everyone in a bg
(multi-boxer who is 1/100 annoying)

might ....annoy them

However, a one-shot macro warrior (before their 5.2 patch nerf lol -----)
[ those who remove /follow from battlegrounds ]

is sure to "one-shot" many accounts.


Ok great, it is really just a quality of life issue. You , the solo-pvper, are the Hero, and only you alone can vanquish the enemy team, and thus achieve your epic win and adrenaline rush. Hence the addict-like rage/joy surrounding the wins and losses.

How dare a multi-boxer inject their unfair advantage into this bastion of egalitarianism. (fairness)

In a Raid environment you get the best consumables for that extra 5 points of stat, and would kill to get better gear so you can be at the top of the charts.

In pvp you would get the most capable, most Gladiator-type (or whatever you can find) teammates you can, because it's "2200 or bust" for that T2 weapon.

You unfairly group up in teams of 5, 10, or 25 to raid and steal from bosses far from Stormwind or Oggrimar.

A boxer is just a collection of everything you are multiplied by 2 (or 27 or 40)

If you are ever in that group who camps the enemy GY at Warsong Gulch--
-they do it

If you ever hunted down that Elemental Shaman Troll who knocked you over the edge, or that stupid Night Elf Rogue who stun-locked you from 100% hp to 0% while laughing--

-they do it more

If you have ever had an epic win, they have it all the time.
-until now

Removing /follow is sure to do two things.

1. Casual boxers who can't deal with the loss will probably attack Stormwind, Oggrimar, everywhere (anywhere) else in world PVP.

2. The more skilled ones (or those who adjust enough) will be even more merciless vs the enemy teams at battlegrounds.

And when they do arrive in Stormwind and Oggrimar, what are the rules? There are achievements for downing Thrall and Varian (Logosh), but they can be banned for occupying Oggrimar, or not? {Blue requested}

By taking away /follow you took Superman (multi-boxers) and put him in a wheelchair.

Also you took Daredevil (Blind PVPers), took his gear, and threw him down the stairs.

However, you underestimate the Human (and Orc) spirit, and I guarantee all parties are working day and night to adapt, and thus remain your servant, despite all this.

So, based on that, I predict a Multi-boxer will down the Thunder King, and there will be a Blind Arena Rank 1 Gladiator.
I multibox and this hasn't affected my gameplay in the least.

GL and GH all :)

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