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Ok so ever since patch 5.2 went live and the servers went up im stuck updating blizzard launcher. The progress bar wont move at all its been stuck in the middle for about 3 hours. Is there anything i need to do to fix this??
i got it too im trying to reinstall from the discs to see if that works ill tell u how i go. i also tried from the website but same problem it wont go past the updating blizzard launcher
Thanks man
I'm also having an issue with my launcher being stuck at 53.1%. It started and has stayed there. I see lots of problems with characters once they log in, but I cannot get the download to work!
Damn now im getting this Error: BLZAPPBTS00007 - Failed to Run a Required Program (Agent) i went through the steps and tried again but still nothing. I have no idea what to do at this point
If anyone from blizzard could help that would be awesome guys. I just want to get in the game and enjoy the new content! Im sure there is something im missing or doing wrong
Oh and Sneax, im loving the transmog set dude.
im having the same problem, any help would be greatly appreciated
See i did all that and its still not working.. id love to be able to play today, considering its my birthday
If someone from blizzard could help that would be much appreciated.
Yeah same problem here cant get the launcher to go past little over halfway. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times and still nothing. Tried all that the link said to do, turned off anit virus. Havent been able to log on since they new patch came out:(. COME ON BLIZZ help us.
Happy Birthday to you then. Hope they get it so we can play today:)
Thank you :) i know there busy with patch fixing and crashes but hopefully they can fix this too while there at it
hmm I see our only option here is to say !@#$ you WoW and cancel our subscriptions because they are money %^-*!s:P

But seriously speaking, reinstalling should work, but perhaps there "downloading game client" is not up to date on this new @#$%^-* patch 5.2. I think it would be the easiest doing that for dummies like me that do not know how to fix problems like this:P I do not remember ever having this much trouble when I played vanilla WoW, and ever since I returned a few months ago, it is nothing but bugs. I know WoW techs are very busy, but it would be nice if they could just fix that "downloading game client" tab and we will be right as rain. I know I had to reinstall the first time I repurchased WoW and its expansions because it was a mess doing each expansion separate.

Please let me know if anything changes! I am going to wait a few days before reinstalling in hopes it is fixed by then. I just don't want to screw up WoW then it already is.

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