Blind player no longer able to follow in BGs

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Thank you for explaining how this works for your friend, and I sincerely hope a solution can be found so that he can play again.
Honestly, I don't buy it.

There's bound to be a few blind players here and there, but they can adapt to not being able to follow someone. If not, how did they ever hit level 90 in the first place?

The amount of people jumping on this bandwagon are 99% people who bot or multi-box.
Being intelligent and rational means you can't get married and hace children? Really?

It is a fairly illogical arrangement.

I agree to share a portion of my earnings with and cohabitate with a person who will eventually, at times, drive me stark raving mad and conceive with her, 2.4 offspring (on average) who will do childish, foolish things that will turn my hair grey, cause my face to become wrinkled and generally shorten my lifespan from stress...and I do these things for what logical reason? To perpetuate the species? What logical reason do I have to do that? What non-emotional reason do I have to care for anything that transpires after my death?

We ultimately do these things for emotional reasons, because we don't want to be alone. We wish to be part of a community, a family. We wish to take joy in the growth and virtues of those who make up our families and communities.

Just like this blind guy has gone to such elaborate lengths to overcome his disability in order to play a VIDEO game: for community.

Logic isn't everything and it's completely lame without the guidance of emotion.
This. Sad when ppl try to use others disability to try to get their multiboxing back, really sad.

Thats what I got from most of the post.

And the others are just bleeding heart (for 5 mins) self gratification seeking suckers. The subject is kinda like the "groups" that teach blind people to target shoot, or mute kid choirs. Pointless stuff that makes "you" feel better.

Blizz is actually trying to solve a problem (unless its a bug)
I hope this gets fixed, sad to hear something like this can disable a player. :(
I'm very sorry for your friend. I hope that, at the very least, if this isn't fixed then he will find another video game that can and will bring him the same satisfaction that WoW does.
I'm starting to not believe this. The more I think about it the less sense it makes.
I watched the 15 minute video and he is not really skilled. Had the dk stood behind him he would have been fine. He ran outta mana almost immediately and if not for the shaman healing him it would have been over in seconds. He just stands there the whole time and bangs on buttons. However, if you put a blindfold on me, I'd not get 1% as much as he gets done. So he's 10x the player I am, everything considered.

All that aside. Nobody said you had to be good to enjoy the game. He apparently enjoys playing and it's sad that the people cheating the system caused his interruption in play. Someone made a suggestion to make the /follow option 2 way so someone has to approve the follow. While it can still be exploited, more so by multiboxers, I still think it's a better option than denying people with this kind of disability any option to play. Honestly we don't see as many multiboxers out in the world many try to make you believe.

I vote to change the implementation of this with thought to this guy and others like him.

Multiboxers were doing nothing wrong. Stop bringing them up. Blizzards stance was as long as done correctly multiboxing was perfectly fine.

Exactly this and while this affects multiboxers it was absolutely not done expressly to prevent multiboxing. This is a distinction that needs to be made crystal clear.

A miracle,

I am actually agreeing with Xanzul...

Although MB's need to stop using this as an excuse, as it hardly breaks the game , a small part of it is not working, that way that THEY want it to is all ...........So all these " Oh I demand a refund" threads need to go... Maybe just learn to send movement commands too as well as the 'Nuke that player" commands ........

As they say in the military ... Adapt and Overcome !!!

Kinda like all the "CRZ broke My game" threads, get over it already Blizz did this to improve THEIR game for the majority !!!
people don't just play wow just to "play a video game". They play for the social aspect of the game, dumbass.

Umm... I think you're confusing WoW with Skype.
I'm starting to not believe this. The more I think about it the less sense it makes.

The you need to watch the videos posted in the OP

Blizz is actually trying to solve a problem (unless its a bug)

So instead of actually fixing the report afk function, just remove the option? That's not solving the problem, that's just being too lazy and applying a bad band aid.

And I find funny how so many people think multiboxing is a problem... if you can't beat a multiboxer:

1. L2 play
2.L2 organize yourself.

If you can't or are too lazy to do this why other people that uses this function in legitimate way has to suffer?
I really, honestly and truly, feel for your friend. I am thankful everyday for having been born with everything working "as intended".

A lot of people in here think that this is a loophole to get multi-boxing back; However, as the OP stated the friend could present paperwork. If Blizzard would accept this paperwork, and... let's say give the friend a one time code that could be placed on his account, much like a two month subscription card. Then, let it unlock that feature for him in BG's. I know multi-boxers have a lot of money, but I don't know how they would be able to obtain the documents to forge blindness; yet, everyone has a price.

I don't know, if you can work with color blind people and make changes to the game by clicking a box, why not do the little extra and let the person play BGs and enjoy them.

P.S. I do not support multi-boxing
A company simply can not cater to everyone. Every decision makes SOMEONE SOMEWHERE sad. This was to put a damper on the /follow bots and an attempt to hamper the troubles of BGs.

Again, a serious company like Blizzard should work on a real fix to bots, not act as a group of lazy teenagers and just remove an option that has been here since forever.

Both have ways to operate, follow it's nothing seeing all the other things they can do.
I really hope that Blizzard will respond with some sort of work around for this player. This really makes me sad to read how he had gone so far only to be held back by an undocumented change like this.

Every decision Blizzard makes (if going off this forum is anything) alienates someone somewhere. The deaf cannot enjoy music, granted they can go to the Concert with their friends, however then what was making it fun? Friends. They do not need the concert part.

My uncle is deaf, and he does enjoy music. It's not what you "hear" to him, he can feel the vibrations and pick up the flow of the music. He has a hard time talking, but the words he has learned was from holding his fingers over the vocal box to learn the vibrations that go along with saying the words, so yes, you can enjoy music and sounds even when deaf.
Tears of the boxers flow like rivers here.

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