Installer Issue - An Unexpected Error

Mac Technical Support
We're currently working on an issue that is preventing our Mac installer files for World of Warcraft from working. As a workaround, just change the ".dmg" at the end of the download URL to ".zip" to get the older, working version.

For example:

Hopefully we'll have this resolved soon. Thanks all!
now can i use this link or do i have to put in the .zip myself
You can use that link for the US version of the client.
I'm sorry my phone died, I think I got the game to work now.

Your a great help, Thank you.
I found this forum to be very helpful, now I can start the trial for Pandaria, you have my thanks good sir.
The installers on Game Management page have been reverted back to the .zip files until further notice. If you still have the unexpected error when installing, please use the updated installers on
what if i already have it installed?
is this to download it again?
It is almost 5 months after this forum but i am now getting the same problem. I have uninstalled it. Updated my mac software. And now i am reinstalling and it is at the playable point and i still cannot get on past the launcher without that stupid error. Please help.

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