Test results for GoSup pet DPS

So with the assumptions that GoSup will become the baseline spell for Affliction and Destruction I decided to actually make a hopefully helpful thread as opposed to a thread full of complaining. Since 5.0 hit everyone's been saying that Observer is the best pet for Supremacy, but I've been hearing people who have seen different things so I decided to test it myself.

On a training dummy keeping CotE up and nothing else, I tested each pet's DPS for 5 minutes and got the following DPS results:

9100 - Shivarra
8250 - Observer
9600 - Fel Imp

From my testing, it looks like Observer is pretty much last by far, and imp is actually the best. I'm not sure how this might change with different haste/crit/mastery levels, so I'd be interested in what other people find.

Note: I made sure to turn off all specials other than the basic attack special (felbolt, tongue lash, bladedance) so they didn't waste energy.
I'm glad to hear this actually. Imp is the only pet with a damn "return to master" button, for which 99% of my hatred for pets is the lack thereof.
Based on my own results I'd have to say I don't think the shiv or observer really scale, but my imp did about 1.1k DPS less than yours. I did the exact same test last night before raid and got 8500 for both imp and observer, and 9200 for Shiv.

I would think maybe haste is affecting the imp the most due to him being a caster possibly.

Actually you have less haste than me on armory currently so if that's how you did the testing I have no idea how you got more DPS than me other than straight intellect, but that seems weird considering we had very similar results. Unless my extra haste/crit ended up balancing out your extra intellect which means observer/shiv scales for poop.
My guess is that Haste affects imp more than the others since haste brings more energy regen and that's all the imp does. I'm only at 4717 atm. Didn't feel like reforging to 6637 to see if it changed unless someone else can't come up with the data. Shiv and Obs obviously would get higher DPS from haste and more specials, but their baseline AA damage wouldn't change as far as I know.

If you're getting less imp damage from higher haste maybe that's a wrong assumption of mine.
Well you do have almost exactly 2k more int than me. And I have about 1.7k haste and 200 crit more than you.

I've never actually watched my imp cast when I use it in raids since I'm always doing other things and I've heard (but never really paid attention to) that pet AI went up and they pool energy to make sure they can always do a special. So unless we find the point where the imp can cast nonstop without trying to pool I would think the 2k more int over more 1.9k+ of stats would end up netting you more DPS than me.
If you're going to do these tests, PLEASE have full raid buffs when you do so.
03/01/2013 03:39 PMPosted by Faustamort
If you're going to do these tests, PLEASE have full raid buffs when you do so.
I'm not really trying to sim exactly what DPS each can do, I'm trying to figure out where they are comparatively. I don't have access to full raid buffs atm so feel free to do so. My assumption is that they'd all be affected pretty equally by raid buffs. More haste can make a difference but more haste from different reforging would as well.
Observer and Shivarra are both doing less because a portion of its damage is physical damage and doesn't benefit from the 5% spell damage debuff. This is one of the reasons you should do it with full raid buffs.

The pet comparison on simcraft makes it pretty clear that there is no statistically significant difference between the damage of the pets. There will always be some kind of variance solely because melee swings have a damage range on them as opposed to doing the exact same damage every single time. Crits also matter, but a good sample size accounts for that pretty well. The important part is being able to interpret the variance properly. You can't assume that because a pet did 100 less damage on a sim that it means the other pet is superior. If you look at both the Affliction and Destruction pet comparisons there is no actual difference and yet there is a difference in the pet rankings because of that microscopic few hundred dps variance. This is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.
Ok, makes sense wasn't taking into account the melee damage which was an oversight. I just don't really trust SimC completely so I wanted to test it myself but I will have to revisit it with raid buffs. I just wanted a controlled situation where movement and whatnot weren't involved. I've just seen lots of people say that Shiv was better and have heard Observer being better since MoP started, but never saw any hard numbers on each.

I wasn't necessarily saying my numbers are 100% accurate, but if someone does have hard numbers from Sim or from experience with full buffs I'd love to see it.
Patch 5.2:

1. Give Stam to Dark Intent so that people are not forced into picking the Imp

2. Make Imp the highest DPS pet

Well trolled Blizz, well trolled.
It's very well not the highes DPS pet. I didn't have melee haste buff or w/e. AFAIK they're all really close, that's why i was wondering if anyone could give full buffed results, possibly with vastly different haste levels to see how that affected it. I'd do it but I have no friends :'(
Locks without buffs the imp should be the highest dps if they are all balanced....we have a caster debuff. Shame devs took out the shattrath full buzz zone...or didn't put the beta version onto the ptr that is.

The imp has the advantage of being ranged so on target switches he's much faster than an observer or shivara who must run at base speed to a new target. The disadvantage to the imp is he has far less HP than other pets so his sacrifice shield is far smaller.

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