Metamorphosis isn't working for me.

When I pop metamorphosis at full demon power it drains to 200 immediately. I have no idea why. Perhaps it's one of my glyphs? I have that dark apothecary (something like that, the one that gives you wings and decreases damage taken by 15%). Also, what spells do I use? It seems like there isn't much you can do. Hand of Gul'dan, corruption, spam shadow bolt (or the demon version (touch of chaos I think?)). Am I missing anything?
You're using Dark Apotheosis which, when deactivated, resets your demonic fury.

If you're looking for help with demonology, go to Icy-veins and read their class guide. It's in depth and will answer most (if not all) of your questions.
when you gain demonic fury in dark apoth, switching out of dark apoth drains you to 200. (it wont boost you to 200 if you switch while below that, though).

it sucks, but oh well. in the short time you have, probably doom -> chaos waves -> touch of chaos till you run out of fury.
Thank you guys so much!

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