[A] Archive weekend 10 man recruiting

Hi all,
Archive is new to server and our weekend group is looking to fill some permanent spots from people who were not able to move with us. We are a semi-hardcore group that pushes for serious progression while remaining friendly. Most of our group has raided together since the Firelands and we finished out heroic content in DS. Our group took a hit when MoP came out (as well as our previous dying server) - so we are currently 16/16N and looking to start strong in 5.2.

We raid Fri/Sat from 5pm EST-8pm PST. This time is a bit flexible, and we have raided from 6pm-9pm PST in the past.

We are looking for a tank (non-pally) and two DPS - we'd like a mage to be one of the dps. We are looking for people whose ilvl supports raiding in HoF and ToES.

If you'd like to try us out please drop me or Palawldin an in game mail/pst. Thanks!
Id be interested in filling the mage spot. 490ilvl
Just trying to apply to all possible guilds but I have a lock around 468 or so would love to join.
I would be interested in this raid group, if there is any room for a Hunter. Send me a PM or in-game mail with more info.
Hey guys!

If you would like more information on the Guild <Archive> itself, want to check out our derptastic application, or just want to browse our oober ossim pictures, go to our Website!


All classes are being considered for the weekend group, but we try to keep as much diversity in classes as possible. Another thing to mention is that having an OS will increase your chances of becoming a team member :) Especially if you are good at the OS and have decent gear.

With 5.2 coming out with all of the changes, we might be raiding more, perhaps "on-whims" as well, so if you like the raid times or just want to be a bench seat, again...check out the Website!

Yay for new content!

GL to all adventurers on Proudmoore <3
Id be interested in filling the mage spot. 490ilvl

Fill out our application, please! We're interested in hearing what you have to say :)
Ill look for you in game or you can add my BT Smerkel#1445.
Thanks for the interest everyone! It looks like we are filled for now. Best of luck to everyone :D

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