New to MOP, need serious help.

Title says most all of it.
I haven't played since Cata and I have NO CLUE what I'm doing with these new talents and glyphs. Can anyone help explain things for me, and give me a decent build to start leveling again with?
Talents are a simplified system, I would recommend you take ice barrier, everything else is preference until the 90 tier. Play as any build, though frost is probably the fastest now. Make sure you use shatter liberally as any of the three specs, since they all have it. Shatter makes levelling a breeze.
For basic information, just go to Icy Veins.

Decide what basic spec you want to play and do some google searches on builds for that spec. I highly recommend frost for general gameplay - you'll have a ton of control, solid dps for questing solo and it's (imo) more interesting to play.

If you go frost, then for general purposes I'd start with this:

Tier 1 - Ice Floes (since scorch will be fire only in a week)
Tier 2 - Ice barrier - just hit it once a minute and feel safer
Tier 3 - Cold Snap - I like the health return it gives for quick healing during questing
Tier 4 - Ring of Frost
Tier 5 - Frost Bomb. Pull X mobs with a frost bomb. Use Pet Freeze on group. Bomb blows up; mobs die. Time it so that you freeze them just before the bomb blows (6s without haste factored in)
Tier 6 - Invocation and glyph for it and you'll have healing while doing dailies and questing and such.

You can pick whatever you like....have fun!
Thank you guys, I appreciate it!

I actually picked those exact talents while waiting on this reply, they seemed the most helpful, at least for leveling.

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