RO 8/14H SoO LF Caster DPS

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<Relentless Onslaught> US-Zul'jin

Relentless Onslaught has a long history of successful raiding and we are continuing that tradition in MOP. With a short schedule we push hard while having fun. We are a great group of people that want to enjoy heroic content without sacrificing our RL's.

We are raiding 3 days a week; Mon-Wed from 7:15-11:00EST.

We are aimed at the high quality player that no longer wishes to raid full time but still enjoys killing content and wants a relaxed, fun environment to play in.

If you think you fit this description then feel free to visit our website at

Current Progression
T11- 13/13
T12- 6/7H
T13- 8/8H
T14- 10/16H
T15- 13/13H
T16- 8/14H
Feel free to contact one of our members in-game or add my Battle-tag at Uchiro#1344
bump for a great Boomkin!
bump for Council of Elders down. Hell of a fight
Still looking for a Boomkin and another Warlock to add to our roster for 5.2
I hear there are quite a few members of guilds discontent with their current raiding circumstances. Come over to RO where we don't believe in inflated rosters just great raiding on a nice schedule.
Again, don't hesitate

Or contact me in-game Osirian#1559
Tortos and Megeara down tonight
If you guys are interested I have a ele/resto shaman. 491 ilvl. Looking to pick up hardcore raiding again. Shamandrus is the name, hit me up in game!
Ji-Kun down
Durumu down! Great job guys. Still looking for that perfect Boomkin/Resto Druid
Durumu the Forgotten dead. 7 down, 5 more to go.

I know there's a Boomkin / Resto Duid that wants to come party with us.
If you guys still need a resto/boomy by the 25th ill be glad to app. 498 ilvl with heroic exp in all tiers of content, looking to slim down on my 5 days a week of raiding :)
Primordius, Dark Animus and Iron Qon down for RO, great job team!
looking for a geared holy paladin and boomkin to complete our roster.
still lookin for the right Holy Pally and Boom/Resto Druid
bump for Twin consorts down tonight, only Lei Shin before heroics!

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