Dinomancy in 5.2

Is the book for Dinomancy going to be bop? Or are we going to get lucky and it's going to be boe? Does anyone know?
Farm farm farm
If I recall, it's bop. Sadly I didn't really pay much attention on ptr cause as soon as I got it I spammed my use button.
Kill 1 million things. Then do it again. Then possibly again.
It was bop on PTR
Got it off my 2nd Dinomancer. Took another 10min to get all 4 pets.. Got to love those drop rates
It is bind on pickup. Most hunters have got theirs with a kill count under 20 or so from what I'm reading. Took around 15 or so for me, and like the above poster all 4 companion pets dropped too.

You have to kill Zandalaria Dinomancers, elites who drop the tome, once they do you learn it and cam tame any of the nearby roaming Direhorns.
Got it off my 2nd Dinomancer. Took another 10min to get all 4 pets.. Got to love those drop rates

I hate you.

Over 100 kills... eight mini pets... no tome. Its all bop.
Got it in 2 kills on my hunter picked a red Direhorn.
It's bop. Took me about 20 minutes to get a tome. The companion pets drop pretty often as well. o.0
took me 3 hours to get my tome, and i even had one spot almost entirely to my self. otherwise, yea, BoP, got all 4 of the pets while i was farming.
5 dinomancer kills for me to get the book. It was relatively quick and easy to get.

Just remember, the key to success is to interrupt the heal. Do that, and you will easily kill the dinomancer. Fail to interrupt it, and they heal back to full health.
Update.....14 mini pets, no tome. Canceled sub. I'm out grindcraft.
It took me 4 kills...it's BoP.

I suspect Blizz was trying to make up for not dropping the bow in the Terrace lol
My fiance and I took maybe a half hour of killing the dinomancer. End of it all had 6 extra pets and our books. I for one am glad its bop and not boe.
2 hours, no tome. Pets up to my eyeballs though, I hope they sell on the AH :P Glad to see people getting them :)
Yesterday was terrible with trying to kill Dinomancers. I ended up staying near one spot where a few spawned in hopes of tagging them first. Got the tome on my 6th kill then I kept farming for the little Zandalari raptor pets. I got all four and more to sell on the AH. I managed to sell one so far. The price is dropping already.
how do i keep the dinomancers from healing themselves when soloing

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