Music you listen to while in game

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Battle Music.
Battle music strikes this "Thunder" in you while PVPing in WoW or any form of combat
Myself I would say
Battlefield - Blind Guardian
Dawn of Victory - Rhapsody of Fire
The Warriors Prayer/Blood of the Kings - Manowar
Power of the Dragonflame - Rhapsdoy of Fire
Whishmaster - Nightwish
Dragon's Lair - Saxon
Strike - Primal Fear
What songs get you preped for combat in game?
RULES: No Pop Rap or modern RnB (eg: Niki Minaj)
For some reason I tend to heal better while listening to "Flesh and Bone" by the Killers (Jaques Lu Cont Remix), especially on my monk.

Not so big on battle music. I can't really stand to listen to music while pvping as it just breaks my concentration.
we trippymane.

juicy j
I tend to listen to a lot of System Of A Down.
I listen to alot of alternative rock/hipster (e.g. Green Day, Fun, My Chemical Romance, Radiohead, Weezer, and All American Rejects. Just to name a few)
For those late nights where you feel like a champion for tearing apart undergeared players.
I'll listen to whatever is playing on the Progressive channel on Di.Fm online radio.
Typically it's house though.

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