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Guild Name:
<Conclave of Azora>

Guild Type:
Medium/Heavy Role Play Academy Themed Guild
(Please note we are an 18+ guild)


World Headquarters:
The Tower of Azora, Elwynn Forest.

IC Purpose
1) Academy of Magic - To provide magical education to aspiring Magi and Warlocks. As well as provide continuing education to those from moderate to advance understandings.
2) Preservation Society - To seek, uncover, safe-keep and research magical relics and artifacts.

Conclave was initially set up as an Academy of Magic. With the patronage of the Archmage Theocritus of the Tower of Azora, Conclaves academy is an institution where aspiring magi and warlocks can expect to receive a thorough education rooted in the fundamental schools of magic. Combining lecture, practical exercise and world-wide environmental and situation instruction, Conclave offers an unparalleled education, arming aspiring practitioners of magic for the conflicts to come.

In light of recent events in Kalimdor, Conclave has founded it's Preservation Society which actively and aggressively seeks to uncover magical relics and artifacts for both safe-keeping and research. Artifacts that whose research has been completed, and whose value has been assessed, can then be turned over to the Alliance to assist in the escalating conflict with the Horde.

The Conclave of Azora is not affiliated with The Kirin Tor, either directly or in-directly. Conclave is aligned with the ideals and interests of the Alliance and its member factions.

For Students - Open Enrollment!
Please visit our website for information about coursework and how to enroll for classes. If you are interested in attending the academy, please submit your application.

For Faculty - Seeking Professors for select Schools of Magic
Conclave administration is currently seeking qualified and motivated professors to chair and instruct on the following schools of magic and other faculty positions:

1 - General Magic Education Teacher
Mentors for Advanced Education

Qualified applicants will be Magi with no less than a decade of experience and mastery in their chosen school of magic. You should be prepared to demonstrate your mastery of your chosen school before a panel of Conclave administrators. Finally, you should be prepared to submit yourself to a thorough background investigation, involving Conclave's Divination school.
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