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Wyrmrest Accord
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I like your tower, but the installation of one-way mirrors at the top spoils any good views of scenic Elwynn.

Then again, with the recent uprising in Goldshire, that might be beneficial...
Caphric, I'll speak with the person who would handle your interview. I think Wilbyr has been trying to get in contact with you. He will probably be on tomorrow at some point and I'll tell him to send you an In Game mail. I'll make sure he gets in contact with you, either way.
Bam! Paladin bump!
To the top!
Conclave of...AWESOME! *fistbump*
Who built that tower in the middle of nowhere? My poor gryphon was seeing double for a week.
*grins at the Dwarf* ...I like her. You should come visit.

Anyways, bump!
Friday people!
Very interesting, just posted my application to join you guys.
Excellent! I'll make sure one of the officers reviews it and get in contact with you about an IC Interview. =D
I did visit once...crashed right into the roof.

(You're more likely to see me on Elsana, seeing as she's actually in the guild.)
Death to the Conclave of Azora!

Bump! For the solid god!
Out on the town lunch bump.
*blinks* XD Sooooo confused by Rilgan. And YAY for Elsana.

And Lunch out on the town? Mmm...are we Godzilla?
Excellent event so far, Oseth! =D Always a blast going to your events.
Bump for happiness!!

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