[A-RP] <Conclave of Azora>

Wyrmrest Accord
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Bump for the Conclave!
Bump to the top!
Rawr! Bump
It's morning! *offers coffee* Bump!
*smirks and hip checks thread*
Bump to the top.
*passes around a tray of muffins and coffee* Good morning, everyone!
Are these Blueberry? *mouth waters*
Evening, folks! Bump!
Oh look, bump.
Good morning everyone!
Good morning! I have a question... Is there a minimum level requirement? Once I saw this guild I decided to make a mage to RP and hopefully join you guys. But I haven't even leveled her once yet.
No! There is no level requirement, but we do ask that you are active on her when it comes to RP events. We do a LOT of world RP, so it would be in your best interest to definitely work on leveling. We have 90s to protect the lowbies, but we can only react so fast. x_x

Please feel free to put in an application though. We'll help power level you a bit as well!
Sweet thanks! I'll put in an app right now! Assuming my cat will stop forcing his head into my hands... filthy attention forcer.
*taps the thread*
To infinity...and beyond!!
*cheers* To the top!

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