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I was recently GM of a guild that started mid December and we progressed through to 3/16H until we fell apart 3 weeks ago due to people suddenly not playing any more. I'm looking for a good, fun and serious raiding guild (10 or 25man) that is keen to progress through ToT. I've played wow on and off since vanilla, know my class in and out, research fights, valor cap, get elder charms, come to raids prepared and on time and am keen to progress through Heroic content.
I am available to raid any 3 nights a week from 7pm (AEST) onwards and defiantly wont let any guild down.
I also have a 478 blood set and know how to tank but my gear isn't up to scratch for 5.2 content atm but would be willing to change in the future.

Reply here and/or add shreken#1403
Hey Scion,


We are looking for a DPS DK to join our core team

If interested either contact Karnak at Karnak#1222 or apply at http://siege-saurfang.wowstead.com/
Added you on btag, Would love to chat for immediate 5.2 start and core position from tomorrow onwards. :)
Hello Scion,

Knights of Frostmourne is a guild based in Frostmourne, formed on the first day the server opened up. We have completed 11/16Hms pre 5.2. We are somewhat serious guild focused on heroic progression raiding through content.
We offer a mature, friendly & fun environment with a down to earth yet serious & competitive approach to raiding.

We are currently recruiting all classes and specs to bolster our lineup, with a priority on
- 1 healer - any class
- 1 melee dps - any class
- 1 tank - any class
- 1 ranged - any class

-Raid times are Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 7:30-11aest give or take.

So feel free to contact myself or a fellow officer via realid:-
- stag#6984
- darerer#1263
<Vicious Cycle> is a guild based in Frostmourne, we have done 4/6 HM MV, 1/6 HM HoF 4/4 ToES so far with a slugish start to raiding this xpac. We formed on the 25th of September 2011, and have from then so far downed 6/7HM FL b4 DS came out, and downed 8/8HM DS in June thanks to D3 and various roster issues. At the present we are looking to go 25 man, as such we have already merged with another guild to bolster our ranks, and need some more excellent raiders to fill our ranks and progress as 25 man. We will be doing 25 man ToT this wednesday.

Skilled raiders of Any class, but our priorities are as follows:
DPS Warrior - Medium
Prot Warrior - Closed

Death Knights
Frost Dk's - Medium
Blood DK - Low

Holy Paladins - High
Ret Paladin - Medium
Prot Paladin - Low

Resto Shaman - Low
Ele Shaman - Medium
Enhance Shaman - Low

Hunter - HIGH

Warlock - Medium

Mage - High

Spriest - High
Holy/Disc - LOW

Mistweaver - Medium
Windwalker - High

Rogue - Medium

Our raiding times are as follows, keep in mind we RARELY raid on Sunday that is basically if we are close to a new heroic kill and need to get it down we go Monday, otherwise we raid only Weds/Thurs/ Monday from 12:30 am svt to 3:30am Frostmourne svt time (AEST).

We dont have a website up and runnign at the moment, as soon as it is we will put it up, till then you can get in touch with us on real ID

Tundra - Roosh#1938
Bloodrusher - baz#6735
Michaelfox - cbrown#1806
Holyally- Holyally#6881
Hey, mate. Eventide (8/16 HM including Delver) are after a DK dps with a reasonable tank offset. We raid 8:30-11:30 GMT10+ on Barthilas, Wed/Thur/Sun.

Apply at: http://eventidebarth.shivtr.com/
Contact me in-game at: Valryu#1808
Hi there,

You sound like the kind of raider we are looking for! I think I could make your class / spec work perfectly for us!

Please check out the below info or feel free to add me in game to chat: Sanctuary#6416


Endless Reborn on Frostmourne is currently recruiting fantastic skilled players of all roles and classes for our core 10 man team.

We have the flexibility at the moment to shuffle players around so we are open to all classes and roles.

We have a tight nit group of 6-7 players who have been raiding since vanilla, we just need to fill our last few positions with reliable GOOD players.

Especially interested in 495+ IL players and the following classes (but are also considering others we can mix in):

• Disc Priest

• Resto Druid

• Protection Pally

• Frost DK

• Warlock

• WW Monk

• Rogue

• Ele Shaman

• Enhancement Shaman

As we have recently been burnt by BAD players we are being EXTREAMLY picky with who we are even considering for a trial.

We are looking for older 20’s +, mature, focused, punctual, RELIABLE, raid aware, past raid experience, long term raiders who will communicate on mumble and contribute to the guild.

If you’re interested jump on endlessreborn.info and put in an application, remembering the effort you put into your application reflects on the kind of player you are and if we will consider you.


About us:

Endless Reborn is semi-hardcore 10 man raiding guild based on the Oceanic realm Frostmourne.

Endless was created on the 9/1/2007 on the Oceanic realm Jubei’thos and was one of the oldest Alliance raiding guilds on sever before transferring (and name changing) to Frostmourne on the 1/1/2013.

Whilst we only raid as a 10 man group we expect the reliability and professionalism of a hardcore 25 man raider. (If you want to raid with us see more about what is expected of a raider on our raid expectations tab).

We currently raid (Raids may be reduced to 1-2 nights per week only when content is on farm):

Wednesday 7:30 – 10:30 ST.

Thursday 7:30 – 10:30 ST.

Monday 7:30 – 10:30 ST.

Raids may run longer on progression nights (until 11:30 ST for example).


Raid Expectations:

We are looking for mature players that understand the basic point of the game, both simple and complex raid mechanics, and understand that while acquiring gear is an excellent short term personal goal, the most important goal is seeing success through end game content together, as a guild.

Anyone with any sort of past experience understands that most gear comes easy in raiding guilds… and in a month or two needs to be replaced, so don’t make your time in this game strictly about gear. Whether you PVE or PVP, the point of this is to have fun and to find people you enjoy doing it with.
Welcome to the guild buddy :D

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