<BARBARIANS> an entry level RP-PvP guild

I just hope coming here I can find some buds who don't mind RPing with an old 44 year old and maybe they will gimmie some netherweave bags? LOL

Kidding... i'm looking forward to this. Back to work now :(

Oh, you'll fit in just fine around these parts!

Should you roll a character on the Horde side, send me a message! I'll hook you up with bags and a welcome package. Join /rp if you roll Alliance, someone there will be able to help I'm sure. Just say you're a new transfer. ^^
I just realized that Orc said she would kiss me O_O

And thank you so much my Blood Elf friend :) I shall do just that.
Send me in-game mail if you need bags and you're Alliance ^_^ We'll make sure you're taken care of!
Well I'm logging out right now in front of the guy who lets you choose Alliance or Horde. I'll be back on later after I think about it AND... make dinner and do laundry and all those other kinds of wonderful RL stuff. Its sure not as exciting as saving a hugantic turtle/wandering isle lol
I'm going to ask my Mentors to check in and keep things going. This month has turned into the Sha of Real-Life-fo-sho-bro.

Schedule some events maybe, and please please all others - let us know when something is up for open RP, or RP just to watch. I spent three months as a new RPer just on the fringes of events watching others RP and was fortunate to see some skillful examples. It was quite easy then to start my own. Rough edges, but roughed out OK too.

I just realized that Orc said she would kiss me O_O

Feral lovin', mean and green. Do you feel lucky, punk? WELL DO YAH?!?
I just rolled a night elf hunter [finally xD] and did a /who of the guild...no one was online.


Then again it is 11:30 at night. Ah well. I'll try again tomorrow when people are more active. ;D
A lot of the Mentors in that guild have mains in other guilds. Feel free to whisper me and say hello if you're around and no one from <BARBARIANS> is online!
Is this still up and running, by chance?
I think it is, but the GM's out of town for the week.
I'm not sure its still running, to be honest. I logged in this morning and the most recent person to log in was around 4 days ago, which was the gm. Most of the rerolls haven't been on in around a month, or the left the guild.

EDIT: There is one person who has logged in this week according to the guild roster for guild experience. But overall, most have moved on it seems like.
This guild is still around, although it is certainly quiet. I think that the issue is that a lot of us put our alts in the guild, but we spend more time on our mains. At the same time, <BARBARIANS> was never meant to be a "home" guild for new transfers to the server. It's concept is a "transition" guild that hopes to help acquaint people to the server, to RP, and to the people here.

I'm not on my little alt in this guild much, but I am always available to help out new people on the server. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or need anything! Additionally, the /RP channel and knowing about the Sanctum (ravenholdt.us) are both great resources if you're new and looking for some answers.

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