Insane AH prices and trying to get good kit

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Hi guys,
I've just come back to WoW after several years away. It's good to be back. I'm enjoying the changes to the game, the new races and the monk class. I just have one question.

What the bloody hell is going on with the AH? How are we supposed to get good kit when prices are so high?

Okay, so that's two questions. I understand that when a lot of people started leveling monks, the prices went up on leather armour and that affected the prices of items related to that. But the question still stands; how do you get good kit for a character if you don't have deep pockets?

Any advice from veteran players will be most welcome. Thanks in advance and have fun.
honestly, dungeons, no matter what level you are, will give you good gear, and from that, if your level 90, you will get valor points which you can then spend on reputation gear.

Which sends me to the next method of getting gear, farming rep by doing dailies, its a pain, but not many other choices available
Hey Demache,

My thoughts exactly.

I've just returned having last been here in 2008. The economy is so vastly different. However, buying gear from levelling 1-60 isn't really necessary. The quests provide more than adequate gear and dungeons will fetch you your blue gear.

I'm solely selling on the auction house, mainly ore and such and am approaching 1000 gold now at level 45. This was out of the question years ago. I remember struggling to save for a mount. Save your money and sell materials at the auction house and you'll do well.

Also, the levelling is so fast now, level 35-41 in one sitting. Overall, good experience though. Good luck ;)
Thanks for the feedback, guys. Have fun. :)

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