PVP Power

So with 5.2 is stacking PVP Power the way to go now?
I assume you mean Retribution.

If you stack PvP Power, you are squishier, but have bigger heals.
If you stack PvP Resilience, you are sturdier, but have smaller heals.

To be honest I would go with Resilience. In 2s you can get CCed pretty easily and you won't be able to heal, and in 3s you have a healer that has your back, so you won't be healing yourself as much.

Honestly I don't know... Some people will go Resilience, others Power.
Why not use hybrid gems? the green pvp power/resil ones can go in the blue slots... Ive tried PvP power in my blues but I may go back to hybrid power/resil gems.... and Idk if im doing it right by keeping resil gems in my yellow slots....that was for 5.1.... mabey i need hybrid greens in my yellow slots too

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