NO BOA shields?

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I see the Tome and the upgraded BOAs but no shields.
calm down
I see the Tome and the upgraded BOAs but no shields.

wow that is disappointing... that was the first thing I was planning to buy after the patch.
Hmm. Yeah, I only see the book as well. Uncool.
I don't see the shield. I was looking forward to it.
Same boat, don't suppose a blue will come down from their cloud and enlighten us?
A bit early for April Fool's
Any answer from a Blue would be wonderful...=}
The blues are being notified. It is too early for news.
I logged out at the vender last night ready to buy the shields first thing. Bad joke Blizz.
Very disappointing. I was holding off on leveling my Paladin until those came out.
Hopefully this is just an oversight and they didn't decide to axe them.
I know blues have said this before, not everything that is datamined is always going to be in a patch.
Also, the new book was not on DMF sales.
Wasn't that info originally sourced from a GC tweet?
What do I do with my capped justice points now?!
I would definitely love a boa shield.

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