[A-10]Lexicon (25) recruiting for 10-Man Core

<Lexicon> is a casual 10 man raiding guild now recruiting for spots in our core group. Many of us stopped playing after Cata and our just now returning to begin raiding again in 5.2. Raids are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 ST. (TIMES SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

Currently recruiting:
Tank: Prot Pally, Feral Tank
DPS: Ele Sham

Please comment or PST Solidsteel for more info or to apply. If your class isn't listed above you may still apply. You may also contact me through my battletag: SheriffJT#1301
Recruited Blood DK, still need Prot Pally or Feral Tank and an Ele Sham.
Still need Prot Pally, Feral Tank, and Ele Sham.

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