They Don't Even Wear Them Daily Bugged

Bug Report
It would seem that the Burglarized Bracelet item, for the Tillers daily quest "They Don't Even Wear Them" will not drop. I've come to this conclusion after clearing out all three burrows, as well as a druid expressing the same trouble, and not having the item drop from any type of Virmen.
Doing the quest "The Elder's Instruments" in Jade Forest. Quest items will not drop from the quest mobs. 40 mobs down, not a single quest item.
I concur after killing like 100 mobs and spending 30 minutes in the burrows - burglarized bracelet isn't dropping.

Good news is this should only cost players like a million hours played and everyone eventually coming here to see it is broken :)
Hi - same problem here, on two different toons too. I asked in trade, and the drop rate is not zero, as some people are getting it to drop, but only after wasting far too much time for a daily. There were at least 50 players camping spawn points in all three caves spamming aoe trying to complete this - what a joke. I suggest you pickup the quest, complete the others, and if this one is not yet completed, dump it, and hope blizz doesn't give it out again for a while. I must admit I'm worried that this change was on purpose, and we'll see other dailys with drop rates severely lowered - please blizz, this is NOT fun. I play this game for fun. I do dailys to get them done, not to waste hours competing to kill worthless little mobs that can't even damage me.
Looking into this.
Looking into this.

This seems to be the case on all quests. Done 2-3 different collection quests right now where the drop rate is either ridiculous or non-existent.
Yup, same problem. Decided to Google it after half an hour of wasting my time. I thought maybe I just had really bad luck.
Yeah, the thing wont drop, and the other items are using bag space. This after half an hour at it. :(
Others on the server said they could finish it, in area chat, but for me the item wont drop.
Multiple people on Lightbringer (including me) not seeing it drop. I left off trying, did some other things, and came back 20 minutes later, only to find some of the same people still trying.
This problem is affecting multiple collection quests. Apparently, temporarily grouping with another player while doing the quest seems to return quest drop rates to normal. That's what people are using as a work around.

Was leveling my new Belf Warrior and it took me 20 minutes to collect 8 murloc heads. I've done this quest a dozen times, and it's never taken so long. Quest item drop is completely broken right now.
yea blizz plz fix this cant level cuz it takes 4 hours to do 1 quest nothing droping
I am also experiencing this on my server.

Edited to Add: I tried to group with another person to see if it fixed it, but it did not.
Yup. Been killing mobs for "The Elder's Instruments" for 30 minutes and nothing at all has dropped
trying to get 5 quest items to drop for Zin'jun in the jade forest took almost an hour and i couldnt skip the quest because its tied to the main quest chain wasnt like this before the update.
Add the Pristine Mire Beast Eye for the Klaxxi quest: Putting an eye out

it has a horrible drop rate to begin with but I've cleared the swamp enough to walk out with 2 full bags of greens to pass on to my enchanter
And as if the Fatty Goatsteak daily wasn't bad enough to begin with... I finally got the 4 steaks required, but it took maybe half an hour, 45 minutes?
Burglarized Bracelet is not dropping for players on Cho'gall.
I am having a similar problem with The Scryer's Dilemma, the one quest item I need is not dropping after clearing the whole room more than once, far longer than it took on any other toon.

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