Cancelling MF for Procs?

Alright just how the title says, Should we be cancelling Mind Flay for procs like MB or MS or should we be letting Mind Flay ride out with no interruptions what so ever for max amounts of ticks. I know GCD plays into affect on this. Just looking for some answers for max dps for raiding.
MF is the absolute lowest priority ability you have. Anything else you need to do, whether it be refreshing dots, casting MB, or using procs, should come before it. Simply interrupt it after the next tick. There is no point interrupting the very first tick of the ability though because you'll still be in the GCD when it occurs.
Yea, That's what I thought. Someone told me that cancelling your mindflay would be wasted dps because of the gcd or something along those lines.
Ok, if you cast your proc (MB,MS, or if MB comes off CD) then you want to cast after the 2nd tick (or just before the 2nd tic taking latency into account -need an addon for this)

If you are between your 2nd tick and 3rd just wait for the MF cast to end and then cast w/e else.

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