<Fallen Paragon> Recruiting for 1 core spot!

We are a tight nit group that is aimed at progressing through current content! We maintain very strong progression on a 3 night raid schedule. If your looking for a solid group that will do whatever it takes to progress then you found it.

MSV 6/6
6/6 HoF
4/4 ToES
1/12 ToT

Raid Needs:
Must have gear fully optimized for raiding which includes gems, enchants and reforges.

All Gems, Enchants, Feasts, Belt Buckles, Pots, and Flasks provided by the guild once you are part of a current raid team.

Raid Schedule: Pst server times
Team 1: Friday(7 -10) Saturday(6-9)Sunday(6-9) We will occasionally push past raid times on Friday/Saturday if close to a kill.

Loot system:
It is a 2 tier system you get 1 roll on main spec tier gear and 1 roll on non tier items which refreshes every raid night our raiders all check to see who the upgrade can better help as well to further the group as a whole.

Patterns and BoE's: All patterns shall first be learned by anyone with the profession on team. All BoE's will first go to anyone able to use them for main spec or off spec. If they are unusable or already learned they will be auctioned for guild gold to keep supplying raiders with supplies we also de all unused gear and save blood spirits for raiders to make gear if necessary.

Currently Recruiting:

1 Warlock(High)
1 Boomkin with Resto off spec(High)

Also taking back up positions, must be geared and raid ready as well as knowing the fights.

We are also open to any decent raid guild or team wanting to join/merge with us that is in need of help must be close to same in progression.


Zabiimaru Gm : Real ID hawk_player_54@yahoo.com
Khunon: Main Officer
Brugin: Officer
Liedaria: Officer
Artemis: Officer

All exceptional players are also welcome to apply and will be considered thank you.
Bump in need of a lock preferred for our main team!
Still looking for the classes listed!

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