What is the faction war called?

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I've been searching and can't find any reference to war after the third war against the scourge. Hasn't the faction war been going on for about 10 years after the third war ended? (wowpedia and wowwiki timelines)
I just call it the Alliance/Horde War.
Sargeras's Day Off.
4th War, Alliance / Horde War, World War, there is no official name for it. Historians won't name it until after the war is over. Right now they just call it, "The War."
Am I alone in hoping that the war does end? is there anything really keeping it going outside of garrosh?
Garrosh is a symptom, not a cause. The Alliance has been under constant attack for years now, from the Warsong and the RAS invading Ashenvale, to the Forsaken attacking just about every Alliance holding north of the Thandol Span, often with biological warfare.

Most of these attacks started under Thrall, not Garrosh. And most have resulted in massive losses of Alliance lives and loss of historically Alliance land.

If the war ends without adequate closure and justice for those conflicts, it's going to be a bad day to be Alliance.
The only people who want the war to keep going are the, "Lol it's called WARcraft, not PEACEcraft."

Nowhere in the title of "World of Warcraft" does it say the Horde and Alliance need to be at war.

Were we not at war with the Burning Legion in the Burning Crusade? Or the Scourge in Wrath? Or the Twilight's Hammer and Deathwing in Cataclysm?
Soon we could call it the "Ten Years War".

Orks would call it the "Waaagh!!!"

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it seems like the forsaken are more of a problem for both factions, and ever since bolvar was handed the keys to the scourge the only destructive force of the undead are under sylvannas' control, and she holds no major allegiance to anyone, but more a lack of wanting to murder the things that came from another planet.

as far as the warsong incursion to deforest ashenvale, i had always wondered why the tauren were so upset at the dwarves' mining operations but not the massive operation to the north to murder the land done by their closest allies.
I always refer to it as the 4th war, but it won't be named until after it's over.
War of the Stupid
War of Horde Aggression
The Eighth War.
War of Missed Opportunities and Illogical Actions.
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Am I alone in hoping that the war does end?

No, I'm sure a lot of people do. I do hope the war ends, but I think there are still a lot of conflicts that need to be taken care of beforehand:
Mists will take care of Garrosh, so that's straightened out. But then they'll need a new warchief, maybe Thrall and Aggra will take leadership?
Sylvanas has clearly been up to something wicked for a little while, so the "two sides" to the Horde need to be fixed.
I think Varian needs to step down from power. The Horde's not the only one contributing to the hatred and if Varian stays in power, peace probably won't come. I'd feel much more comfortable if Anduin was the leader.
There's still a lot more issues, but I think those are the major ones.

This may not be a problem for the War in the long-run, but I'm still wondering how the Council of the Three Hammers are gonna go. Doesn't anyone feel like one of the three of them is going to assume the throne on their own one day? Although she's more entitled to throne than the other two, I'm hoping Moira isn't going to be the one.
The current one is the Pandarian Campaign. I guess that could be the name of the war since most of the action happens on Pandaria and that what happens there will lead to a change of command within the Horde and will probably mark the end of the war.
Garrosh's War in some circles.
Orcs vs. Humans. Round 4.
"Garrosh's War" fits pretty well for both sides.
I might agree with Garrosh's War, save for the fact that it only might serve to further center blame on him.

So I might cast for War of Horde Agression. Or maybe the Horde War.

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