[H] Subjugate 13/13 HM ToT LF Mage

Subjugate is currently looking for exceptional raiders to progress through Heroic ToT. We run a 10 man raid with a group that has been raiding together since Ulduar.

Our progression is currently:
13/13 HM ToT
12/12 N ToT

Our raid schedule is Friday, Saturday, from 8:00-12:00 AM, and Sunday from 6:00-9:00 PM. These times are based on our server, Zul'jin, which is EST. Our schedule is what we like to stick to, but we will push it a few more minutes if everyone agrees to go. We expect our raiders to show up on time and make as much raid as possible, although we do understand if something urgent happens as long as there's an advance notice. Players who fail to show up consistently or does not let us know if something happen will not be staying with us for long.

Our current needs are:
DPS : Mage
Any exceptional range DPS feel free to talk to me or Walzee.

Our expectations are that you, as a raider, are prepared for raiding; This includes flask, food, potions and all that good stuff. We also expect you to know the fight ahead of time and not consistently die to the same mechanics. Gear must be at least capable of carrying their own weight in heroic ToT, but we do understand that skill is more important than gear itself as we can easily gear the player. We also use mumble and require those who will app to us have it installed and ready to go. Loot is handled through free roll.

If you're still interested or have any questions, please contact Walzee, or myself. You can also send us an ingame mail, a message here, or whisper to one of us when we're on.

Battle tag:
Heng#1810 - Me
Squishei#1860 - Walzee
Looking for a really good Holy Paladin or Restoration Druid.
Need a Resto druid or a resto shaman.
Bump! Need a healer for this weekend, hopefully doing H Jin'rokh.
Looking for a good Holy Paladin! Feel free to send a tell to either me or Walzee.
Currently recruiting a Holy Pally or Restoration Druid, and Elemental Shaman/Shadow Priest/Balance Druid.
H Tortos down, 3/13.
Now recruiting any range DPS that's not a hunter.
Still looking for a healer and a range DPS.
No longer looking for a healer, but still looking for a range DPS.
Still looking for a range DPS.
Late bump for H Iron Qon, and we're still looking for any range DPS!
Heroic Horridon and Council down in one night - Still looking for a range DPS.
Also looking for a healer, preferably not a priest.
Need a healer for this weekend's raid.
Still looking for a solid healer and range DPS
My friend and I are changing servers to Zul'jin right now and would like to try for the spots. He's a priest healer his ilvl is 498.
Reposting to show my profile after moving.
Heroic Twins down, 7/13 HM ToT; Also still looking for a solid healer and range DPS.
Sunday's hours will now be reduced by 2 hours, still looking for a solid, non-priest healer and an exceptional range DPS that's not a hunter.

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