Planning to move here.

The realm I'm currently on is pretty much dead so I am thinking about moving here.
Now I wanna know from you guys what it's like on here. I don't like my current realm cause there is barely anyone online and the economy sucks. Is it better here?
Economy is great here, and the community is pretty epic-within guilds and between them and with the random passerbys. If you're looking to raid at 90, there are plenty of options with quite a few niche filled guilds that I'm sure you could find a home in.
If you go Horde, you'll have lots of folks to group with etc. Ally side on Hyjal is really low pop.
Sounds great. I will be horde. What is the guild situation like, is basically everyone already in a guild and level 90 or are there other people that might join mine.
Well, what's most important to me is that there is people around in general. On Drenden I feel like I'm playing a single player RPG because there is no one around. Also the economy there sucks. Having a Raid team in my guild is not really a priority.

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