The Arms of Pandaria: PVE Arms 5.4

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why wouldn't we use Slam as a rage dump instead of heroic Strike? it would seem Slam does a bit more damage (looking at the tooltip)
why wouldn't we use Slam as a rage dump instead of heroic Strike? it would seem Slam does a bit more damage (looking at the tooltip)

Slam is on the GCD, HS is not. OP has a number of advantages over slam that make using Slam at the cost of wasting TFB stacks a DPS loss.
So, for normal BiS trinkets, in the overall gear set up you have listed Tailsman of Rage and Gaze... but on the Trinket list, it looks like Feather and Gaze/Shado-Pan would come first?

Also, I have enough valor to buy the Shado-Pan trinket, but it would put me a good 2% or so over exp cap. Is it worth it? if it is, which should I replace?

Punche, I believe that gear BIS list is from Mr. Robot or Noxxic. It is very wrong. The trinket list is new. I listed the Shado-Pan trinket twice, one without over cap and one with. And even being overcap, it still beats both the lfr trinkets you have. So keep Gaze and Shado-Pan.

What should I do with 2k of valor? At a loss, sorry.

Like Xerrus said, grab the trinket first and everything else he said. After that, save for gloves.

Is there a pure crit gem that fits in a red socket?
Is there a pure crit gem that fits in a red socket?

No. Arms generally uses inscribed. It is possible that as you gear up and haste nears crit's value, crafty will become better; for specs that have two close secondary stats, and a gear setup with room for exp, expertise can be treated as 160 liquid whatever-you-are-reforging-out-of to hit your cap on the nose.
Why does the BiS heroic list put spark of zandalar as it's BiS trinket, but the BiS trinket list ranks it below pretty much every other trinket? Which one's accurate?

Also, I thought Primordius's Talisman of Rage should be higher than Gaze of the Twins? I remember seeing something on EJ about how arms should only aim for about 16k crit before mastery/haste are better stats to go, especially with ToT trinkets and the LMG. Is this not true? Or is the uptime of Gaze of the Twins low enough that you will never have 2 stacks often?

Also, one last thing. In the heroic thunderforge setup, is using H TFed Crown of the Anima Golem with H t15 chest better than the setup you have? If Ji-kun's trinket is one of our BiS, we need to drop hit, and the set helm is the best place to do it, right?

That heroic list needs to be taken down. It's confusing people and should not be up. I believe that list was made with Noxxic or MrRobot and is inaccurate. Please only follow the current trinket list on main page. Spark is definitely NOT our Bis and does not proc like other trinkets will at start of fight during our burst. This is the main reason it ranks much lower. Spark alone takes about 79seconds before you'll see that str buff kick in.

As far as comparing the Gaze of the Twins and Primordius' Talisman of Rage .pure str is still our best stat. The actual difference in dps between them however was very minimal. We're talking like 300dps. I cannot speak about a heroic geared Arms warrior, but with my ilvl 518.. the SEP value of Crit is still higher than Haste and Mastery, but is diminishing. Even after socketing Capacitive Primal Diamond , haste is still second to crit and mastery value goes down even more to the bottom.

Now, if you're including Ra-den which I'm assuming you would, I'd say Carapace of the Core is our best off piece to throw in, second to the Golem Helm. I say this only because the chest has 3 red sockets. Throw in the Crown of the Golden Golem if you did not want to include Ra-den.
I have tried switching haste for mastery with reforging and it seems my rotation starts to get clunky, like getting rage starved. Plus the haste doesn't add up to diddly squat. Whats a good way to transition these stats?
Sweeping Strikes seems highly situational and not something you want to use everytime you need to AoE. Basically when you have to cleave two mobs with a lot of health that are side by side, like Stone Guardian, Garalon leg/body or Troll Council. I'm guessing in the vast majority of AoE situations you'd be better off just using Whirlwind.
I recently got this helmet.
should i replace this with the one I currently have, and lose the 25% mortal strike boost?
3 or less targets you should be using TC to apply your bleed and then following the normal rotation while incorporating SS. 4+ targets you spam WW with MS on cd
At what point does fury over take arms? Or can arms preform all the way through heroic content? I love the aesthetics of arms much more than fury but I don't want to gimp myself and my raid =X
Updated the post with some more FAQ questions, and changed some of items to have links. Also removed the BiS Trinket List.
Just curious if i should hold off until i get a 516 from a H Scenario, or should i make the Lion Executioner?
Another update! Updated Enraged Regeneration and Second Wind.

Just curious if i should hold off until i get a 516 from a H Scenario, or should i make the Lion Executioner?

Well for starters your name is Lino, you'd be doing the Thundercats a huge disservice by not at least using it for transmog.

Secondly begin crafting the Sword, and keep doing heroic scenarios and Challenge modes for a 516 weapon. There's a pretty good chance you'll come across a weapon before you finish the sword. I would simply stockpile your Lightning Steel Ignots until you have enough. That way if a weapon does drop, you can craft something else and sell it.

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