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I am a mature, reliable raider (28/m/sydney) who is looking for a home for 5.2 and beyond.

I have played since early Vanilla, beginning life as a hunter. My main since Cata has been a Resto druid, but have also had a fair amount of raiding experience on my Holy Paladin and Disc Priest alts. My recent progression has been;

T11 - 3 heroics and all normals cleared when current
T12 - 6/7 heroics and all normals cleared while current
T13 - 8/8 heroics cleared while current.

At the end of T13 I took a break and have only recently come back, and transferred to frostmourne to be on the same server as RL family and friends.

I am available to raid wednesday, thursday and monday nights and am looking for a guild with similar goals, ie clear all normals and work on heroics.

I am a good communicator who is always looking to improve, have working vent, reliable computer and internet connections etc. If you would like to speak to me for further information please add me Real ID : adammacaskill@me.com
Also please feel free to direct me to your website if you require me to app etc.
Also happy to boomy for the right bunch of guys. let me know
*Bump and good luck.

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