[H] 4/16H Prot Pally LF guild

4/16 H Prot pally lf guild. Just transferred from another server.
Plethora of raiding experience. I've been raiding since middle of BC.
Death's Demise
6/8 H DS as of Diablo Release
Deployed during Firelands
6/13 H BoT, TtFW, BWD before deployment
11/12 H ICC
He's good ^^^
Whisper me or silvergard. You might be a perfect fit for outraged.
(H) High Class (10man)

6/6 Heroic MV
6/6 Heroic HoF
3/4 Heroic ToES
1/13 Heroic ToT

Raid Schedule in PST:
Tuesday: 9pm-12am
Wednesday: 9pm-12am
Thursday: 9pm-12am

Loot: Loot Council with priority based on largest upgrade, progression needs, fair distribution.

What we expect:
- Exceptional players that research encounters and their class thoroughly.
- Be 18 or older and in control of your schedule.
- Mumble installed and a working mic.

What we offer:
- Gems/Enchants/Potions/Flasks/Repairs for raids.
- A friendly environment.
- Serious progression raiding on a 9 hour schedule.

Apply: www.Highclass.guildlaunch.com
Bibbz of Blackrock (US)
Pyroxi of Blackrock (US)
Pyroxi#1733 (Battle-tag)

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