Arcane Ideas and Junk

Hi, everybody. I was bored today and came up with an Arcane playstyle I think I'd enjoy. Share yours. I know it's lame, but we can all be lame together.

Arcane Specialization
Through extensive studies of the Arcane arts, your max mana pool has doubled, though passive regen will not restore mana above your base maximum. Mana above the base maximum decreases at a steady rate.

Arcane Blast
2 sec cast, 20,000 mana
The Mage draws recklessly from the energy around him, dealing X damage and gaining one Arcane Charge. Each Arcane Charge decreases the mana cost of Arcane Blast by 25% and increases its damage by 10%.

Arcane Barrage
Instant Cast, 0 mana, 3 sec CD
The Mage launches a barrage of magical energies at the target, dealing X damage and clearing all Arcane Charges, generating mana equal to 20,000 per Charge cleared. Arcane Barrage's damage is increased by 10% per charge and hits additional targets for 50% damage per charge.

Arcane Charge
Successful Arcane Blast casts and Evocation ticks generate one Arcane Charge. Arcane Charges increase the damage of Arcane Blast and Arcane Barrage by 10% per Charge and decrease the mana cost of Arcane Blast by 25% per charge. Max of 4.

Arcane Missiles
3 sec channel, 0 mana
All offensive spells have a chance to activate Arcane Missiles. Channeling the spell deals Y damage per wave (unaffected by Arcane Charge damage increases, but always deals the equivalent damage of a four-Charge Blast/Barrage in total) and can be cast while moving. Casting generates one Arcane Charge.

Unleash Mana
Instant Cast
The Mage unleashes all excess mana to deal damage based on the amount of mana unleashed (and SP scaling) over ten seconds.

Mastery: Mana Adept
Increases the mana gained by clearing Arcane Charges. Increases the damage of Unleash Mana.

Arcane Power
1.5 min CD
The Mage charges himself with power, dealing 10% more damage. Spells that generate Arcane Charges past four will instead restore mana equal to one Arcane Charge cleared over the spell's duration. Lasts 15 seconds.
I like the current setup of Arcane as it is.

The only two things I would like to see implemented is an increase of 5% Haste with every Charge, and either a Polymorph Stun (ie player is stunned for 1.5sec after coming out of a Polymorph) or a Knock-back effect from a Spell (say Arcane Barrage).

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