Dragon Council 10m Core

Area 52
Hello there, Area 52.

We are a level 25 guild that has recently transferred to this realm, coming from Stormrage. We are in an attempt at recreating our 10 man group and trying to put the guild back on its feet after going on a break after Mists of Pandaria hit. It's nothing to write home about, but we ended Cataclysm with Dragon Soul heroic on farm, and we will be going for the same again, while still being a casual raiding group.

Things you can expect from our guild outside of raiding:

    Great social activity and a diverse group of people to interact with.
    All the great perks that come with a level 25 guild. (We accept casual players!)
    We all treat each other with respect, and also love helping others.
    We provide Ventrilo, and a website soon to come.

Things you can expect from our guild within the raiding aspect:

    We raid around a 2 day schedule.
    We provide our raiders with food and flasks, and enchants given on most occasions.
    A not as strict group, but raiders with a peace of mind for success in our raids.

Raid times: Wednesday/Friday from 10pm-1am Eastern.
Current Progression: 0/12 ToT

Currently looking for any classes of any role! Will update to more specific needs as the roster is established.

Any interested parties are encouraged to post in this thread, or contact us in-game:
Melsza, Konnstantine, Doomsdaisy.

Thank you for your time!
I am interested...... What kind of group are we looking at here? How many spots need filling?

Also, are youu guys starting ToT? or are you raiding MSV/Hof/TOES for a few weeks?
We will be working on the older raids for some time until I see a good portion of the raid is geared.
We are in need of about 5 raiders, roles will be decided as more spots filled.

We are now 4/16! Going back in on Friday for 6/16. :)
Bump for raiders! 6/16!
Bump for great folks!
Bamps. Still needing all roles.

ps. my. hair.
Allyyy bumpz.
No longer doing 5.0 and 5.1 raids! Will focus on going into ToT.

Would like applicants to meet a 485+ ilvl.
Yes i would be interested in raiding but im on alliance because you guys left me (:

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