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Moon Guard
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"Through the valleys and peaks of Mount Hyjal, across the shifting sands of Silithus, against the Legion's dread armies - we have fought. We are the nameless, faceless, sons and daughters of the Alliance. By the Light and by the might of the Alliance, the first strike belongs to us and the last strike is all that our enemies see.
We are 7th Legion."

-High Commander Halford Wyrmbane

*Posters are pasted in places where men an women of the Alliance may gather such as the Cathedral, Auction house and Inns*

By the order of King Varian Wrynn, a select group of the 7th Legion have been sent to Kalimdor as a strike force after the horrific atrocity's of Theramore. The Seventh Vanguard is a unit of elite soldiers made up of top Alliance members from the 7th Legion at the request of Lady Jaina Proudmoore. Our job is to retake territory in this dark time of war and to protect any Alliance settlements and strongholds still standing in Kalimdor. The commanding officer, Grand Marshal Baldrec Ashcroft, requests all able men and women to sign up and begin assisting the Alliance in the fight against the monstrous and vicious members of the Horde!

Guild name: The Seventh Vanguard

The Seventh Vanguard is a level 25 role-playing guild centered around the 7th Legion and the naval fleet.

The Seventh Vanguard is lead by the Grand Marshal who acts as leader and as the voice of the High Commander of the 7th Legion. The Vanguard is lead by a Council which includes the, Grand Marshal, the Marshal, And the Captain's of the Vanguard forces. The Grand Marshal has ordered the following divisions to be formed in order for the Vanguard to have the as much success weather on the sea, land, or air:

The Infantry Division:
Lead by Captain Curayn Smith, the Infantry forces are the bulk of the Vanguards forces. The Ground force is always the first into battle and the last the leave. In order to be apart of the Infantry force you are expected to be able to swing a blade, defend others, and lead the Seventh's forces into battle.

The Caster Division:
Lead by (Unannounced), the Caster division is a key component to the Vanguard's success in battle. With the trained Battle-Mages and Pyromancers, the Vanguard's Caster Division is a real battle winner when it comes to ranged combat. The Division is also a major asset when transporting the men and women of the Vanguard to different areas of the world.

The Ranger Division:
Lead by Lieutenant Stoya Starsight, the group known as Easy Company is the Ranger division within the Vanguard. These men and woman are adept Snipers and Marksmen. Special training is required for this division as it has some very different components to it.

Some basic rule and expectations of the Seventh:
1. We ask is that you come wanting to be a good RPer and have MRP or TRP2.

2. Typing and English. It is expected that both IC (in-character) and OOC (out-of-character) members of the guild use proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar. It is recommended that members download the Misspelled addon if they are not confident in their spelling.

3. No Drama. This means that if you’re the type of person who feels the need to make everything into a melodramatic scene, this is not the guild for you. While roleplay (and critiquing fashion) can cause a small amount of drama — we expect it to — this is not an excuse for you to make a mountain out of a molehill. We want a good, friendly atmosphere where people can feel comfortable to speak their mind.

4. No racism / sexism / bigotry / slander / libel. In essence, don’t say anything about someone else that is against Blizzard’s defined E.U.L.A. A certain amount of cursing and playful banter is allowed (Guild chat is rated PG-13), but when it begins to cross lines and make people feel uncomfortable, it needs to stop without remark or question.

5. Do not take IC into OOC, ever. What our characters do does not reflect on us as a person. If you have a problem with someone’s character, let them know; however, the response you’re likely to get is: “that’s just how my character is.” This is acceptable. Keep in mind, though, if your character is a consistent problem and cannot develop in such a way that it would be beneficial to the growth of the guild— there is the possibility you can be removed. Just as we cannot allow a person to act immature, we rightfully can’t allow their character to act unduly immature as well.
Guild ranks:

Grand Marshal
The Grand Marshal is the supreme commander of the Vanguard, head of all affairs and divisions. He is the Voice of the Seventh Legion and is in charge of the success of the Vanguard. The Grand Marshal is appointed by the High Commander of the Seventh Legion and only reports to him. The current Grand Marshal is Baldrec Ashcroft.

The Marshal is the second in command of the Vanguard equivalent to the rank of Admiral within the Vanguard. The Marshal is appointed by the Grand Marshal to serve as his right hand man in leading the Vanguard. The Marshal also leads the Ground forces along his other duties. The current Marshal is Colin Taylor.

Captain's are Knighted officers of the Vanguard and they are the men and women who lead the Vanguard into battle. They take orders from the Grand Marshal and the Marshal. Many have certain specializations or certain skills that make them eligible for a leadership role. In order to serve in such a position one must have shown great dedication to the Vanguard and been active in their past duties. The current Knight-Captain(s) are Curyan Smith.

Lieutenant's are officers of the Vanguard, they answer to the Captain's for orders. They assist the Captains in various things such as battles, combat and tactics and the care of the men and women of the Vanguard. These men and women have shown their devotion to the Vanguard and as a result have been entrusted with the officer role. The current Lieutenants are Henry Taylor, Stoya Starsight, and Olendir Fahennia.

Non-Commissioned officers:
The Sergeant-Majors are the senior Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) of the Vanguard. They are in charge of the Sergeants. They take orders from the Knighted officers of the Vanguard and are in charge of many different things in the Vanguard. The people who fill this role have shown their devotion to the Vanguard and have demonstrated their ability to lead. They have also been specifically selected by the Knighted officers and have the approval from the Grand Marshal. The current Sergeant-Major(s) Carith Halfien.

Sergeant's are standard Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) of the Vanguard. They take orders from their senior Sergeant-Major and are in charge of various things in the Vanguard such as: Drills, Training exercises and discipline. In order to become a Sergeant a Knighted officer or the Sergeant-Major has to recommend the selected person to that rank.

Corporals are the Junior Non-Commissioned Officers of the Vanguard. They report to the Sergeants above. The rank of Corporal proves that you have shown your skills and abilities to many of the leaders in the Vanguard and you earned yourself the rank.

Privates are the normal members of the Vanguard who make up the bulk of the forces. They have shown that they are an asset to the Vanguard and are capable of serving the 7th Legion.

Cadets are new members of the Vanguard who have just joined. In order to advance they must prove themselves worthy fighters, healers, pilots, engineers, etc.
We accept all that are willing to help serve and defend the Alliance's goals and values.
Allowed races: All
Allowed classes: All

RP Home: Our base of operations is currently at Tiragarde Keep in Kalimdor as that is the Alliance forces camp for the invasion in Kalimdor.

How to Join & Website:

IC interviews will be given, and please visit our website at: http://theseventhvanguard.shivtr.com/ (Apply here). If you have any questions or concerns contact Baldrec, Curayn, Olendir, Adiar, or Stoyà.

-League of Lordaeron
-The First Regiment
-Clergy of the Holy Light
-Kul Tiras Marines
-Arathorian Coalition
-Magus Senate of Dalaran

Eternal Enemies:
-The Kor'Kron Legion

Past Campaigns:

-The Seventh Vanguard was sent to Gilneas to reinforce the Legion defending the land against the Forsaken invaders. The Vanguard had many victories but after a series of major defeats, we were forced to return to Stormwind in order to resupply and deal with the losses that occurred in Gilneas.

-The Seventh Vanguard's mission in Pandaria. The Seventh was assigned to Lion's Landing to push back the Horde forces that have landed on the opposing end of the Pandaren Province of Krasarang Wilds. With the Alliance in almost full out war, the Seventh Vanguard was tasked with the duty of pushing the Horde off the new continent and ending the conflict once and for all.

Current Mission:

-The Vanguard has once again been deployed, but this time they have been sent to the Western lands of Kalimdor in order to combat the Horde threat that affects not only the Alliance but many of the Horde. The Vanguard has joined a coalition of many others who all have the same goal as the Vanguard; bring down Garrosh Hellscream and restore order to the ravaged land.

Upcoming Missions:


(If you have any suggestions, or you wish to participate in our events, just give Baldrec a whisper in game.)

Current news and announcements:

-The Seventh Vanguard, along with various other guilds is hosting a server wide RP-PvP event. See: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9753305343
Yay for the Vanguard!
"When the course is laid and the anchor's weighed,
A sailor's blood begins racing.
With our hearts unbound and our flag unfurled,
We're underway and off to see the world"
We have returned...join and embrace the coming darkness!
Good morning Moon Guard!
From the Thirteenth Cohort of the Seventh Legion, welcome back Vanguard!
From the Thirteenth Cohort of the Seventh Legion, welcome back Vanguard!

Thank you very much, my friend!
We are regaining members...this is good.
Great day in recruiting! :D
"He walked along the old harbour,
Never thought he'd meet a girl to recruit
( meet a girl to recruit)
With tawny hair and big round eyes,
The kind of eyes that just look so damn cute
(Just look so damn cute)

And they sailed, they sailed so far away,
They just sailed, they sailed all night and day,
To where the panda sway"
May the colors of the Alliance fly proud in our sails!
"Oh, We've got this notion,
That we quite like to sail the ocean.
So, we're buildin' a big boat
To leave here for good

We're not keen on sinkin'
So we're all sittin' here a-thinkin'
'Cause we built it too big
An' we've run out of wood

We simply can't leave
Till we get some more wood"
"Oh, We've got this notion,
That we quite like to sail the ocean.
So, we're buildin' a big boat
To leave here for good

We're not keen on sinkin'
So we're all sittin' here a-thinkin'
'Cause we built it too big
An' we've run out of wood

We simply can't leave
Till we get some more wood"

The very first black and white....well played sir, well played.
Well, well. Things are coming along swimmingly.
I say we invade Orgrimmar. We just need a few mages and the Focusing Iris. *nods*
Set the sails and head out to sea! We have a war to win!

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