Blood DK [484] Looking for Raiding Guild

Hey all.
Title pretty much sums it all up, I'm currently looking for a guild to progression through the Throne of Thunder with, but in case you're curious, here's some details:

About Me:
I've been playing a DK for nearly 2 years now, and started playing right after Lich King had come out. I started out maining a druid to where, at 55, I switched to a DK because they just looked "so damn cool". Now, here I am still today, loving my DK.

I've been raiding since the start of Cata, in T11 (I did a few raids back in Lk for fun, but nothing serious, wasn't too worried about gear, etc.) in which I joined my current guild, but just on another server. We progressed quickly, and moved onto heroics, where I had been the main tank. We hadn't progressed far into these heroics however, as some people in our 25 were complete !@#$. We had then broke down into 2 ten mans, in which I gladly stepped down from main tank to Raid Lead the second group. As all that progressed, we went onto firelands where we once again formed into a 25 man. Except this tier went much better; we had fully cleared up to Domo 25 Heroic, but were unable to down Rag until the following patch. When Dragon Soul came, the guild started its decline: we moved off our %^-* server and came on Mal'Ganis to hopefully find better players and clear full heroic content before the next patch had arrived. We did so, while I was still tanking, and killed Madness about 2-3 months before MOP hit (~25% debuff, I believe?). But, as MOP came, the guild completely collapsed and I was left "casual" for quite some time in 5.1. We had cleared some of MSV and HOF, but we weren't doing to well. (I've cleared up to Wind Lord and killed Will in 5.1, but the kills are on my warrior and priest, not this toon.) It fully collapsed and I'm now going to say goodbye and try to search for a new place to call home.

Raid Preferences:
As I am currently enrolled in school, the earliest I can possibly be on is 7PM server , while the latest is around ~11:40 server (during the weekdays). I'm able to raid any days of the week, including weekends (even though I'd prefer weekdays). I'm cool with either 10 or 25 man and have much experience with each. I am also able to help raid lead, look up fights, etc. and help in any way I can.
I'm able to use any voice communication system (TS3, Mumble, Vent) and have a working mic, and will talk occasionally. I've helped recruit and such, so if help in that area is needed, I'm here to lend a hand.

I currently main a Blood Dk Tank, ilvl 484. This is the toon I'm raiding on and pretty much the only one I want to.
However, I do have a rogue, mage, priest, and warrior all 90 and remotely geared. If the guild is interested in alt runs, I can start to gear them and see what I can do in that area.

Contact Me:
Either post here or add my battletag: Shadowfiend#1924

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.
Bump still looking
Very experienced, bump.
he to cool for me

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