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I normally only use this tool as a baseline, but it recommend something to me that I thought was so far out there, I thought I would ask here.

It is recommending I use the Fleet Primal Diamond instead of the old staple Burning Primal Diamond

Has the theorycrafting changed, or is the mastery gem now the preferred gem for affliction?
I've kinda played around with the thought of using fleet instead of burning since Affliction really doesn't care about crit too much. Basically the easiest way to do it is to check your SimC stat weights.

Your normalized weights for mastery, int, and crit are:

Int = 1
Mastery = 0.63
Crit = 0.38

So looking at your stats you'd gain about 60 crit (I don't think this is right because the gem does more crit damage versus crit chance, but lets call it chance for the sake of the argument). You'd also gain 216 int from burning for a total gain of about 239 normalized stats. Fleet would give you about 272 normalized stats just from mastery.

That was my thought process for why I'd assume Fleet might be a better choice, but I run Destro quite a bit too so I never really pursued the different gem fully. I can see the reasoning behind it though.

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